Department of Digital & IT

Manipal Academy of Higher Education campus is a wi-fi enabled digital campus, enabling students and teachers to stay connected at all times no matter where they are: in classrooms, labs, cafeterias or restaurants, hostels and libraries.


Teaching and learning, as a result, is a pleasurable pursuit that transcends physical boundaries of a classroom or library.


Data Centre


A state-of-the-art data centre is the nerve centre of the digital campus. This Tier II (N+1) DC, spread over 3000 square feet, consists of a server park and the Network Operation Centre (NOC ); it also has enterprise applications, an e-Learning portal, websites and host of other services.


Group-wide Connectivity (GWC)


A reliable VPN infrastructure connects all Manipal group of institutions, both within India and in other countries, with a high-performance MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) backbone – the first step towards a high-tech digital university.


This solution provides high flexibility not only for the addition of new sites and locations, but also for providing new services like video conferencing, VoIP etc.


Manipal GWC is a highly secure and scalable system, and has a low down-time because of in-built redundancies.


Picture Archival Communication System


Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are high-speed, graphical, computer network systems for storage, retrieval, and display of radiology images. With the development of integrated health care systems supported by information infrastructures, PACS can be implemented over distant networks to provide remote access to patient information and to support telemedicine, tele-radiology.


At Manipal Academy of Higher Education, this is available at one of our premier teaching hospitals with 24x7 accessibility.


This enables film-less diagnosis and facilities like simultaneous multi location viewing, post processing manipulations, user-defined set up, HIS/RIS/PACS integration and others. This is useful in community medicine and other social initiatives in and around Manipal.


Student and Faculty Computing


All MAHE facilities are wired or wireless, and students and faculty are connected to the internet, e-learning and information portals through a high-speed gateway at all times.


Internet kiosks also have been established in key strategic locations to augment capacity.


All faculty members are provided a laptop packaged with all campus services.


The intranet provides information services to on-campus students, faculty and administrators. This portal provides a platform for various self service functions and online services to employees and students.


Wireless Campus


Conventionally, students are required to obtain content from classroom teaching. At the same time, we believe that students should have flexibility in accessing learning material.


With a high-speed wireless network, the students have access to ‘on-demand’ content making academic learning a seamless, ‘at-my-convenience’ experience.


The Manipal Academy of Higher Education campus has a two-layer secure wireless architecture. This provides seamless connectivity across the entire campus and users can access the network from anywhere in the campus. The Wi-Fi mesh network is designed to provide wireless broadband Internet services, branded as I-ON, to about 10,000 students on campus.


Students use this wireless infrastructure to access IP-based services like, internet, e-mail, eLearning and digital library, and this network has the capability to support Value Added Services (VAS) such as IPTV, videoconferencing, VoIP and any other converged multi-media services.



Prof. Balakrishna Rao

Director - Digital & IT



Mr Sathish Kamath M.

Deputy Director - Digital & IT