COVID-19 update

Given the crisis emerging due to COVID-19, it is time that the Universities in India and abroad join hands and help each other in containing this pandemic. A ‘Guidance on COVID-19’ dated 10 March 2020 has been issued by the Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education to all the students and staff on campus requesting them to adhere to the instructions.

                                                                                                                                  All you need to know about COVID-19’ 


As stated earlier, there are no cases of COVID-19 reported in this region. Nevertheless, we being a university town, would like to take all possible measures to contain the spreading of COVID-19 and ensure that all remain safe in Manipal. In this regard, University has taken certain stringent measures to refrain from all international mobility (i.e., both inbound and outbound exchanges) until May 2020. The situation will be analyzed thereafter and necessary measures will be notified and updated on the website. 


University closed down until further orders

! We shall keep you constantly updated on the measures taken at the Central, State and University level. Thank you for your cooperation!


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