Candidates with Valid National Fellowships

Candidates with UGC - CSIR - NET- JRF / ICMR - JRF / DBT – JRF / JEST / INSPIRE Fellowship or having qualified other UGC recognized National or State level eligibility test with a valid fellowship are eligible to apply for Full-Time PhD under this category.

Such candidates are exempted from the All India PhD Manipal Entrance Test (MET).


Admission Schedule

  • Throughout the year


Admission Process

  • Email Director CDS (Centre for Doctoral Studies), your CV and also indicating your domain(s) of research interest along with relevant documents / fellowship certificates.
  • Selection process will be through a personal interview conducted by a panel of experts in the indicated domain. 
  • On confirmation of selection, the selected candidates are expected to join within 2 weeks of issue of provisional admission order. 
  • Admission is subject to vacancy being available in the relevant specializations.


Thrust areas of research available at various institutions of Manipal Academy of Higher Education for candidates already having a fellowship  :


Health Sciences :-

KMC Manipal : Anesthesiology, Clinical Medicine, Metabolomics,.....and more

KMC Mangalore : Forensic Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Toxicology,.....and more

MCODS Mangalore : Behavioral research, Restorative materials,.....and more

MCON Manipal : Bipolar Disorder, Newborn care, Quality of life,.....and more

MCOPS Manipal : Drug Discovery, Nanoemulsion, Proteomics,.....and more

MCHP Manipal : Dysphagia, Orthography, Psychophysics,.....and more

MSLS Manipal : Chelation therapy, In vitro biology, Radiation Biology,.....and more

MMMC Manipal : Enteric pathogens, Hemostasis, Proteomics,.....and more

MIRM Bangalore : Cardiac regeneration, Epigenetics, Secretome therapy,.....and more

PSPH : (In Data Science) Bayesian Methods, Multivariate Methods,.....and more

PSPH : (In Public Health) : Adolescent Health, Geriatric Health,.....and more

CIMR, Manipal : Drug research in AYUSH, Lifestyle Disorders,....and more


Technical :-

MIT Manipal : Process Optimization, Turbomachinery,....and more

ICAS Manipal : Environmental Engineering, Water Supply Engineering,.....and more

MSIS Manipal : Content Based image retrieval, Fractals, Image Processing,......and more

MIM Manipal : Higher Education Administration, Digital Marketing,.......and more

MIC Manipal : Corporate Communication, Media Education,.....and more

MCNS Manipal : Active galaxies, Nuclear physics, Super Heavy Elements,.......and more

MCES :  Multiculturalism, Multilingualism, Internationalization of Higher Education.

DOC : Capital Markets, Banking, Insurance,......and more

MCH : Indian literature, Ethics, Aesthetics,.......and more

MSAP : Environment Behavior, Built Environment Research, Sustainable Design & Development.