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Applications are always open.


We invite post-graduates with UGC/ CSIR-NET-JRF/ ICMR-JRF/ DBT-JRF (BET)/ JEST/ Inspire Fellowship* / having qualified other UGC recognised national or state level eligibility tests with a valid fellowship to apply to the PhD program in areas of medicine, pharmacy, life sciences, allied health sciences, regenerative medicine, dentistry, public health, engineering and management at Manipal Academy of Higher Education.


These candidates are exempted from the qualifying written test conducted by Manipal Academy of Higher Education and their selection would be by a panel of experts through interview.



Thrust areas of research available at various institutions of Manipal Academy of Higher Education for candidates already having a fellowship  :


Health Sciences :-

KMC Manipal : Anesthesiology, Clinical Medicine, Metabolomics,.....and more

KMC Mangalore : Forensic Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Toxicology,.....and more

MCODS Mangalore : Behavioral research, Restorative materials,.....and more

MCON Manipal : Bipolar Disorder, Newborn care, Quality of life,.....and more

MCOPS Manipal : Drug Discovery, Nanoemulsion, Proteomics,.....and more

MCHP Manipal : Dysphagia, Orthography, Psychophysics,.....and more

MSLS Manipal : Chelation therapy, In vitro biology, Radiation Biology,.....and more

MMMC Manipal : Enteric pathogens, Hemostasis, Proteomics,.....and more

MIRM Bangalore : Cardiac regeneration, Epigenetics, Secretome therapy,.....and more

PSPH : (In Data Science) Bayesian Methods, Multivariate Methods,.....and more

PSPH : (In Public Health) : Adolescent Health, Geriatric Health,.....and more

CIMR, Manipal : Drug research in AYUSH, Lifestyle Disorders,....and more


Technical :-

MIT Manipal : Process Optimization, Turbomachinery,....and more

ICAS Manipal : Environmental Engineering, Water Supply Engineering,.....and more

MSIS Manipal : Content Based image retrieval, Fractals, Image Processing,......and more

MIM Manipal : Higher Education Administration, Digital Marketing,.......and more

MIC Manipal : Corporate Communication, Media Education,.....and more

MCNS Manipal : Active galaxies, Nuclear physics, Super Heavy Elements,.......and more

MCES :  Multiculturalism, Multilingualism, Internationalization of Higher Education.

DOC : Capital Markets, Banking, Insurance,......and more

MCH : Indian literature, Ethics, Aesthetics,.......and more

MSAP : Environment Behavior, Built Environment Research, Sustainable Design & Development.