Dr. TMA PAI Scholarships

Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria and desirous of grant-in-aid under the Dr. TMA Pai Scholarship Scheme, MUST qualify through a PhD Manipal Entrance Test (MET) followed by domain / subject interview. There are 300 scholarships available annually, awarded twice a year for candidates who qualify through the selection process. Successful candidates will be called Dr. TMA Pai fellows during th PhD program


Admission procedure for Dr. TMA Pai Scholarship candidates :

  1. Candidates meeting the eligibility as per MAHE guidelines can apply for PhD program under this category.
  2. These candidates are required to appear for All India online PhD Manipal Entrance Test (MET) conducted by MAHE and shortlisted candidates will be called for an institute / department level interview.
  3. Candidates shortlisted through the interview process will be eligible for grant-in-aid instituted by MAHE, Manipal under the Dr. TMA Pai PhD Scholarship programme.
  4. Admission order will be issued by the Admissions Office of MAHE.
  5. Candidates are admitted in July and January sessions.
  6. The Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC) for the candidate will be constituted at the Institution/teaching department of MAHE after the admission. 
  7. The candidate is required to submit PhD protocol to CDS for university presentation within 6 months of admission.
  8. The minimum duration of PhD course for such candidates is 3 years 6 months from the date of admission. Admission gets cancelled if the candidate leaves the Institution/joins new job before the completion of minimum duration.
  9. Extension beyond the minimum period will be based on the recommendation of the DAC and this requires approval from CDS.  
  10. The maximum duration of PhD program is 6 years. The admission stands cancelled after the completion of maximum duration.
  11. The scholarship will be stopped if a Dr.TMA Pai scholar does not complete the university presentation within 6 months of admission.
  12. Dr. TMA Pai scholars will get the scholarship for a period of 3 years and 6 months from the date of admission. If the period gets extended for any reason - not able to register the topic in time or slow progress of the research work etc. - the student will not get the scholarship for the extended period.
  13. In the event that candidate wishes to discontinue from the PhD program, he / she has to return the full scholarship amount provided so far.
  14. Candidate is eligible for 12 days of casual leave and 15 days of special casual leave (SCL), per calendar year.
  15. If the candidate avails leave over and above the eligibility, the duration of PhD will be extended by leave period availed.
  16. SCL can be availed only for academic enhancement programmes such as conference, workshop, seminars, and symposiums with prior approval from MAHE.
  17. Financial assistance to a maximum of Rs. 30,000 during the Ph D program will be provided for presenting paper/poster at national/international conference(s) or/and attending workshop/s with due recommendations from the guide and HOI. This amount can be utilised within 4 years of admission or before the submission of thesis whichever is earlier. As a part of mandatory requirements of Ph.D. course candidate shall present paper/poster pertaining to her/his Ph.D. research work in two conferences. This facility can be availed with prior approval from MAHE.
  18. The candidate shall not accept additional salary/stipend, etc. from any other source during the tenure of the fellowship.
  19. The candidates who get National fellowship while pursuing PhD are required to apply to CDS for switch over approval, through Guide, Co-Guide (if applicable), HOD and HOI with relevant documents.
  20. During the PhD course, the candidate is not allowed to join another new project as Research Assistant (RA) / Junior Research Fellow (JRF) / Senior Research Fellow (SRF) etc which is not related his / her PhD research area.
  21. The candidates who are selected as RA/ JRF/ SRF in a project related to PhD research area are required to apply to CDS for switch over approval, through Guide, Co-Guide (if applicable), HOD and HOI with relevant documents.


Stipend /Scholarship payable to students admitted under Dr. TMA Pai scholarships program from the academic year 2023-24 (from July 1, 2023).

Probationary period

(6 months)

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Rs. 25,000 / month

Rs. 31,000 / month

Rs. 31,000 / month

Rs. 35,000 / month


Click here for PhD guidelines, Fee & Scholarship Structure, PhD MET Test Pattern & Syllabus and PhD Online Application Form (OAF) filling instructions.