Candidates with Valid National Fellowships


Admission procedure for candidates with valid national fellowships :

  1. Candidates with UGC / CSIR – NET - JRF / ICMR - JRF / DBT – JRF (BET) / JEST / INSPIRE / NDF and having a valid fellowship at the time of admission and candidates under AICTE-QIP program are eligible to apply for Full-Time PhD program under this category
  2. These candidates are exempted from appearing the All India online PhD Manipal Entrance Test (MET).
  3. The candidates are admitted in four sessions (January, April, July and October).
  4. Candidates seeking PhD admission under this category are required to submit their expression of interest with resume, award letter, bachelor and master degree certificates to CDS.
  5. CDS will scrutinize the application for eligibility and if eligible will forward the documents to concerned Institution/teaching department of MAHE.
  6. The Institution/teaching department of MAHE will form a selection committee (consisting of the prospective supervisor, co-supervisor if any, HOD, PhD coordinator of the Institution/Teaching department, HOI/Institutional representative and an external member nominated by CDS/Director of Research, MAHE).
  7. Selection committee shall assess the candidates based on his/her academic and research credentials through presentation and interview. Committee will also decide the probable PhD topic and supervisor and Co-supervisor (if required).
  8. Selection committee shall submit the interview results to CDS.
  9. Director Admission will issue the admission order of the successful candidates and the CDS will communicate the same to the candidate, guide and respective head of the institution/teaching department.
  10. The candidate shall initiate the process of fellowship activation once he/she joins and the department/institution will facilitate the process.
  11. The Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC) for the candidate will be constituted at the Institution/teaching department of MAHE after the admission. 
  12. The candidate is required to submit PhD protocol to CDS for university presentation within 6 months of admission.
  13. The minimum duration of PhD course for such candidates is 3 years 6 months from the date of admission. Admission gets cancelled if the candidate leaves the Institution/joins new job before the completion of minimum duration.
  14. Extension beyond the minimum period will be based on the recommendation of the DAC and this requires approval from CDS. 
  15. The maximum duration of PhD program is 6 years. The admission stands cancelled after the completion of maximum duration.
  16. Selected candidates are exempted from paying the course fee.
  17. Contingency grant of Rs. 1,50,000 per year, for 3 years will be given for research work of the PhD scholar to cover equipment, consumables and publication costs. This amount cannot be used for the manpower and travel.
  18. Financial assistance to a maximum of Rs. 30,000 during the Ph D program will be provided for presenting paper/poster at national/international conference(s) or/and attending workshop/s with due recommendations from the guide and HOI. This amount can be utilised within 4 years of admission or before the submission of thesis whichever is earlier. As a part of mandatory requirements of Ph.D. course candidate shall present paper/poster pertaining to her/his Ph.D. research work in two conferences.
  19. Facilities mentioned above (Sl No. 17-18) can be availed with prior approval from MAHE, Manipal
  20. Candidate is eligible for leaves as per the applicable fellowship scheme norms. 
  21. If the candidate avails additional leaves with DAC approval, the duration of PhD will be extended by leave period availed. 


Thrust areas of research available at various institutions of Manipal Academy of Higher Education for candidates already having a fellowship  :


Health Sciences :-

KMC Manipal : Anesthesiology, Clinical Medicine, Metabolomics,.....and more

KMC Mangalore : Forensic Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Toxicology,.....and more

MCODS Mangalore : Behavioral research, Restorative materials,.....and more

MCON Manipal : Bipolar Disorder, Newborn care, Quality of life,.....and more

MCOPS Manipal : Drug Discovery, Nanoemulsion, Proteomics,.....and more

MCHP Manipal : Dysphagia, Orthography, Psychophysics,.....and more

MSLS Manipal : Chelation therapy, In vitro biology, Radiation Biology,.....and more

MMMC Manipal : Enteric pathogens, Hemostasis, Proteomics,.....and more

MIRM Bangalore : Cardiac regeneration, Epigenetics, Secretome therapy,.....and more

PSPH : (In Data Science) Bayesian Methods, Multivariate Methods,.....and more

PSPH : (In Public Health) : Adolescent Health, Geriatric Health,.....and more

CIMR, Manipal : Drug research in AYUSH, Lifestyle Disorders,....and more


Technical :-

MIT Manipal : Process Optimization, Turbomachinery,....and more

ICAS Manipal : Environmental Engineering, Water Supply Engineering,.....and more

MSIS Manipal : Content Based image retrieval, Fractals, Image Processing,......and more

MIM Manipal : Higher Education Administration, Digital Marketing,.......and more

MIC Manipal : Corporate Communication, Media Education,.....and more

MCNS Manipal : Active galaxies, Nuclear physics, Super Heavy Elements,.......and more

MCES :  Multiculturalism, Multilingualism, Internationalization of Higher Education.

DOC : Capital Markets, Banking, Insurance,......and more

MCH : Indian literature, Ethics, Aesthetics,.......and more

MSAP : Environment Behavior, Built Environment Research, Sustainable Design & Development.