Project fellows from MAHE Institutions


Admission procedure for project fellows from MAHE institutions :

  1. Project fellows working under funded projects in institutions/Departments and meeting eligibility criteria specified in MAHE PhD guidelines may apply for full time PhD under this category.
  2. The candidates are admitted in four sessions (January, April, July and October).
  3. Prospective candidates shall apply for PhD admission in a prescribed application form with relevant documents to CDS.
  4. CDS will scrutinize the applications for eligibility and if eligible will forward documents to institutions/departments for assessment of the candidates.
  5. These candidates are required to appear for institute/department level Test and shortlisted candidates will be called for institute / department level interview. The institute/department level test may be exempted for GATE qualified candidates and those with assistant professorship.
  6. During the interview, selection committee constituted for the purpose will assess the candidates based on his/her academic and research credentials through presentation and interview. Committee will also decide the probable PhD topic and supervisor and Co-supervisor (if required).
  7. Institution/Department will submit the interview results along with declaration from guide and co-guide (if any) with recommendation from HOD/HOI to CDS through proper channel.
  8. The PhD research topic/protocol must be related to the area in which the candidate is currently working under the project.
  9. In case of having research topic/protocol from a different research area at the time of admission, he/she shall complete the project or resign from the project and then apply for full time PhD as per MAHE guidelines.
  10. The Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC) for the candidate shall be constituted at the institutions/departments after the admission. 
  11. The candidate is required to submit PhD protocol to CDS for university presentation within 6 months of admission.
  12. The minimum duration of PhD course for such candidates is 3 years after the university protocol presentation. Admission gets cancelled if the candidate leaves the Institution/joins a new job before the submission of thesis.
  13. Extension beyond the minimum period will be based on the recommendation of the DAC and the approval of CDS.
  14. The maximum duration of PhD program is 6 years. The admission stands cancelled after the completion of maximum duration.
  15. During the PhD course, the candidate is not allowed to join another new project which is not related his/her PhD research area.
  16. Candidate is eligible for leaves as per the funding agency norms.
  17. If the candidate avails leave over and above the eligibility with the approval of DAC, the duration of PhD will be extended by leave period availed.