PhD Program

PhD Program

PhD Program


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The doctorate degree awarded by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), conferred upon a candidate after having satisfactorily completed the prescribed course study and meeting with other conditions laid down by the University qualifies for the award of Doctor of Philosophy abbreviated as PhD.


Admission - Eligibilty

    A candidate seeking admission to the PhD program must have

  • A postgraduate degree  or equivalent from universities/institutions recognised by UGC
  • Postgraduate degree in Medical or Dental Sciences
  • MBBS or BDS or undergraduate degree which is of 5 years’ duration
  • Pharm. D. / Pharm. D. (Post Baccalaureate)


Part time candidates

Candidates who are the faculty/employees of MAHE in pursuit of advancing their academic qualification are eligible to induct into the PhD programme, upon recommendation from the Institutional Head and respective supervisor. This provision is for those candidates who shall take an undertaking that their routine responsibilities would be duly attended and under no circumstances compromised. MAHE shall reserve the rights to reconsider the registration of candidates who do not adhere to these guidelines.