Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has a strategic partnership with University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney to enhance academic/educational exchange and research collaborations between the two universities.


MAHE and UNSW are pleased to announce a new seed grant scheme to foster collaborative research between researchers of the two institutions.


Through the new Scheme, seed funding for collaborative research activities and academic mobility will be awarded to establish or further joint research collaboration between MAHE researchers and UNSW researchers leading to long term collaboration beyond the scope of the seed project. 



  • Grants of up to INR 10,00,000 (per project) may be awarded for a duration of 12 months.
  • The seed grant funding is largely provided to enable exchange activities between the partner teams. It is a requirement of the grant that at least two reciprocal visits for staff and/or students are conducted within the duration of the funding period.  
  • Each institution will provide funds to its own researchers. 
  • All eligible items for funding are specified in the guidelines provided below.
  • Grants must be fully expended within the 12-month period. Any unspent funds will be returned.



  • Grants are open to all full time permanent faculty of MAHE. (NB. Faculty on Post Retirement Engagement are not eligible to apply as the MAHE Lead Investigator but may be listed as an 'Other Investigator' and ‘Mentor’ on the application)
  • UNSW Lead Investigators must have an eligibility as specified by RSO - UNSW.
     Industry engagement is not required but applications involving a third-party Industry partner will strengthen the proposal and be assessed favorably.



  • Download the Guidelines and Application Form
  • Please ensure all guidelines and FAQs are read and understood prior to completing the application.
  • The Lead Investigators from MAHE and UNSW need to work together to prepare a joint application using the application form provided. 
  • The application needs to be completed in English and submitted by one of the Lead Investigators only.
  • Applications should be submitted with all documents (application form, project proposal, CVs) combined as a single PDF.
  • Applications will only be accepted via email in PDF format to the following email address: and  



Applications open: 
Friday, 23 August 2019
Applications close: 5pm (IST), Friday 4 October 2019 (Late submissions will not be accepted.)
Announcement of results: Applicants will be notified in late October 2019
Grant Commencement: November 2019


For queries and further information please email: or refer the following link for information on the Office of the International Affairs and Collaborations, MAHE.



Please note this list will be updated as queries arise.


  • How much detail should I include in the application regarding the exchange activities?

Exchange of faculty/students across the two universities are a key element of the scheme. Therefore, we advise that in your Project Proposal, you provide information detailing all planned exchange trips, relevant investigators involved in the trips and activities to be undertaken during the trips. 

People working on the following themes of mutual interest are encouraged to apply: 

Engineering • Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy • Biological Sciences • Medicine • Smart Transport      • Cyber Security • Public Health • Humanities and Social Sciences • Built Environment and Smart Cities    • Art & Design • Management and Business Studies


  • Can I be the Lead Investigator on two separate applications?

You cannot be a Lead Investigator on two applications, but you can be a Lead Investigator on one application and an ‘Other Investigator’ on another application if they are for different projects.


  • Can I be the chief investigator on one application and 'other investigator' on another application?

Yes, you can be a Lead Investigator on one application and an 'Other Investigator' on another application if they are for different projects.


  • Can MAHE academics on Post Retirement Engagement apply as the MAHE Lead Investigator?

Staff on Post Retirement Engagement are not eligible to apply as the MAHE Lead Investigator. However, they can be listed on the application as an 'Other Investigator' and ‘Mentor’ on the application.


  • Regarding the requirement for two reciprocal visits, how many trips in total does this refer to? And is there a requirement for both the Indian and the Australian parties to travel? Or could the same party travel more than once?

We generally expect one visit from MAHE academics and/or research students to UNSW and one visit from UNSW academics and/or research students to MAHE. However, there is some flexibility on this depending on project needs, as long as there is a minimum of two international trips made between India Australia.