General description about the club:

RoboManipal is the official robotics team of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The team specializes in robotic technology and aims to work in synergy to produce effective solutions and innovate in the field of Robotic technology. The team works in unison to learn and implement said acquired knowledge in its work.


Over the years RoboManipal has won laurels, commendations, and has persevered to improve its outlook and success. It has come a long way since its inception, integrating innovative solutions to complex problems.


Every year the team participates in the biggest robotics competition in the Asia Pacific region: ABU Robocon. The event, organized by Asia - Pacific Broadcasting Union, calls for robots to work in harmony in a given arena to finish a predefined task in a stipulated period of time. The team members brainstorm, design, experiment and test the robots based on the problem statement that is released six months prior to the competition


Primary objectives and purposes are:

  • To participate in ABU Robocon, Annual Robotics Competition.
  • To participate in various other robotics competitions and challenges at national and international level.
  • To come up with effective solutions and innovate in the field of Robotic technology.


Laurels/prizes won by the club/club members during the academic year 2015-16

  • Won 1st place in Provenance 2015 for the startup XES Automation.
  • Consolation prize in Provenance 2015 for the project VIRLD.
  • Placed 18th out of 140 in the National level ABU Robocon 2016.
  • Six teams out of fourteen qualifying teams for INK Finale, from RoboManipal and First Runners up at INK Finale 2016 for the product Power Assisted Stretcher.
  • A team comprising of members from RM was selected to present their idea on the ‘Concept of gas leakage and cutting off gas supply to prevent accidents’ by Honeywell at the Honeywell Techunite Symposium held in Bangalore in December 2016.


Faculty Advisor’s details:

Akshatha Rakesh Pai
Assistant Professor
Mechatronics Department


Website :