Dr Ramnarayan dons new role for Manipal Group

June 01, 2015

Having completed his five-year tenure as Vice Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dr K Ramnarayan will take charge as the Vice President - Faculty Development and Alumni Relations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal today, June 1, 2015.  In his new role he will mentor teacher empowerment and faculty development initiatives in institutions of Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Manipal Group. In addition, he will also give a fillip to the alumni activities of the various institutions of the Manipal group, and will also continue as Professor of Pathology at Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal.

During his stint as the Vice Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, the focus was on strengthening the academic processes in the university, be it the functioning of the Senate and the Boards of Studies or the enrichment of the curriculum. Various people empowerment initiatives were launched such as SMILE (Synergic Manipal Integrated Leadership Engagement) programme to nurture future leaders, leadership programmes for the Heads of Institutions and Heads of the Departments.

As the first Chairperson of the Manipal Education System Vice Chancellors Council (MESVCC), he created a vibrant forum for inter-campus deliberations and set in place the norms for sharing the best practices among the Manipal group institutions.  He was instrumental in establishing of MU-FAIMER Leadership International Institute for Inter-professional Education. He established the Manipal Centre for Professional and Personal Development (MCPD) for the in-service training of academic and non-academic staff of the University.

He has conducted pedagogic and personal effectiveness workshops for faculty in the Manipal group campus in Jaipur, Sikkim, Melaka and Dubai, apart from those for the Indian Society of Periodontology and the National Institute for Advanced Studies in Architecture. 

In the process of enhancing education and research, he has steered the implementation of the Dr.T.M.A. Pai Endowment Chairs and MU full time PhD scholarships, reframed the research incentive policy and set up the MU portal for eprints (repository for research publications).   The Centres of Excellence in Philosophy and Humanities and Natural Sciences, the Research Directorate in Manipal Academy of Higher Education were ushered in during his tenure. The renovation of Manipal Museum of Anatomy & Pathology a project he was deeply involved in. Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s rankings (85th in BRICS countries, 186th in Asia, 1st among private deemed universities in India) were offshoots of his relentless efforts to get more visibility for Manipal Academy of Higher Education.