MAHE team helps farmers streamline Mattu Gulla production

In line with the goals of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education to disseminate knowledge and resources to the local communities, a team of 14 students from Manipal International University studied various techniques adopted in producing and marketing  Mattu Gulla (locally grown  Green Aubergine). Professor Dr. Harish Joshi provided all the details to the visiting team about the farming and marketing techniques. He also enlightened the team about various problems faced by the farmers in this region. The team visited nearby fields to study the problems and other details problems faced by the farmers. Manipal Institute of management Dr. Suhan Mendon, Professor Laila of Malaysia, The Chief Secretary Lakshman Mattu, and the President of the Mattu Gulla Producer association Mr. Dayananda Bangera accompanied the study team.The team visited fields near Katapady to study the marketing specialisation of Mattu Gulla. During the visit, the students entered the fields along with their guides consulted the farmers about the GI accreditation, export markets, rural markets, branding, grading, marketing strategies, seed production, sowing technologies, preparation of saplings, grafting, pricing, setting the prices for the markets, promotion, labelling, cultural heritage, all of these were included as a part of the study package. The team included the students from the Netherlands, BBA in marketing, B. Com, B.Sc final year students were among the study team. The team was led by Dr. Vikram Baliga, Ph.D. in Mattu Gulla Studies, Praveen Kumar, Producers association head Joseph Monteiro accompanied the team. MSLS, MAHE provided support for sustainable agriculture practice for the Mattu Gulla farmers in the nearby Mattu village, by enhancing seed germination through laser-based approach. The team also shared scientific knowledge regarding soil, water and other physiological parameters with the local Mattu Gulla farmers. In addition, they also provided testing for confirming the authenticity of several plants used by the food and drugs industries in the region. We also help the local farmers growing Mattu Gulla by providing help with the soil characteristics to improve their produce. We support sustainability of resources through our research projects on enhancement of seed germination, DNA barcoding to check authenticity of plants used in various industries. Through this project, MAHE remains committed to providing better long-term, sustainable solutions to local communities so that their practices can keep up with the demands of today and they do not succumb to the pressures and pitfalls of modern farming technologies and they Cana thus keep their income stable.

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