Dr. Sabu K M

Professor and Associate Dean

One of the first Ph.D holder from MAHE in Health Information Management domain in India. Dr Sabu started his academic career with MCHP, Manipal in the year 2000 and immensely contributed to the overall growth of the institution as Associate Dean


MCHP as the largest Health Professions college in the country with students from across the globe, he envisages a tremendous growth for this Institution.  In next one decade, this unique institution would be transformed into a Mecca of health profession education, training and research in the world.


With a humble beginning in 1999, SOAHS has spread its wings by launching numerous job oriented programs, embracing global curricular standards, and enhancing research outputs. The credibility earned by the institution has attracted a huge number of students and research scholars nationally and internationally. An inspiring learning ether, competency-based training and far-sighted vision of MCHP/MAHE has transformed the outlook of Health professions training in India.

Life Philosophy

Dr Sabu strongly believes that, a work culture based on Ethics, Trust and Integrity is very essential to build great organizations. With this philosophy, he has always given priority to inculcate such attributes among faculty and students throughout the Institution. He reflects that, the progress of the institution is an outcome of such efforts made by the entire MCHP team