Sushil Yadav

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale

Department of Medical Imaging Technology



    Sushil Yadav is Assistant Professor - Senior Scale in the Department Medical Imaging Technology, SOAHS, Manipal.

    He :

    • Coordinator -Msc. MIT,
    • Dept. IMS coordinator


Subject Subject code Semester
Radiation Physics MIT 101 BSc. MIT, 1st Semester
New Imaging Modalities & Recent Advances BSc. MIT, 3rd Year
Advanced Techniques & Instruments of Ultrasound MIT 201 MSc. MIT 2nd Semester
Advanced Techniques & Instruments of MRI MIT 401 Msc. MIT, 4th Semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
BSc. MIT Medical Imaging Technology SOAHS, MU 2006
MSc. MIT Medical Imaging Technology SOAHS, MU 2010


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
SOAHS Assistant professor- Senior Scale Dec 2010 -present
SOAHS Assistant Professor 209-2010
SOAHS Lecturer 2006-2009


Area of Interest

Physics of Medical Imaging, Radiation Safety, MRI

Area of Research

Medical Imaging

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

·         Life Member of Indian Association of Radiological Technologists (Membership no: 2439)

·         Life time member of Karnataka Medical Radiographers and Allied Technologists Association


Comparison of Main Pulmonary artery Diameter between Patients with Pulmonary artery Hypertension and Asymptomatic Adults using Computed Tomography.

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Comparison of radiation dose in brain imaging between 64 slice and 16 slice Ct.

2015-01-01 Islam Jawad T Yadav, Sushil Kotian Rahul

International Journal of Scientific Research, 4 (6). pp. 394-395. ISSN 2277 - 8179

Estimating the clinical diagnosis and radiological diagnosis in brain computed tomography.

Varghese, Jeslin Annie yadav Sushil Kotian Rahul P

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Sexual Dimorphism of the Sacrum in South Indian Population Using MRI

Comparison of Radiation Dose in Brain Imaging Between 64 Slice and 16 Slice CT

Estimating The Clinical Diagnosis And Radiological Diagnosis in Brain Computed Tomography

Comparison of Effective Dose between Adult and Pediatrics Brain Using Dose Length Product

Comparison of Pulmonary Artery Diameter Between Patients with Pulmonary Artery Hypertension and Asymptomatic Adults Using Computer Tomography

Effect of 300 Angle Board for Demonstrating Intra Patellar Joint Space in Skyline Projection of Knee Joint