Amniotic Membranes- A New Dimension In Periodontal Therapy

2021-24-06 Dentistry

ABSTRACT The definitive aim of periodontal treatment using regenerative procedures is to restore the supporting tissues which are lost as sequelae of inflammatory periodontal disease. The periodontal treatment modalities using regenerative techniques has been developing at a faster pace. Root planning, soft tissue curettage and flap surgeries are some of the procedures that has been used in conjunction with bone graft, guided tissue regeneration, incorporation of biomaterials like derivatives and substitutes of bone and biologic factors like enamel matrix protein. One of the recent advances includes the use of placental membranes – AMNIOTIC MEMBRANES (AMNION AND CHORION MEMBRANES) The placental allografts differ from cadaveric allograft, xenograft and alloplastic barrier membrane used in periodontal therapy. Placental allografts possess antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and are tissues with immunoprivilege and reduces inflammation, provides a matrix highly rich of proteins and facilitate migration of cells to the defect site. In periodontics, amniotic membranes have been used in furcation defects, root coverage procedures, intra bony defects etc. In this review article, the possessions of amniotic membranes are discussed considering their potential uses in the field of Periodontics. Keywords:Amnion Membrane, Chorion Membrane, Gingival Recession, Root coverage, Regeneration Therapy