Knowledge, Awareness and Attitude Towards Osteoporosis and its Effect on Oral Health among Women in Mangalore Dakshina Kannada, India

2021-01-02 Dentistry

Background: Osteoporosis is one of the common health problem in the world that can reflect on the individuals’ lifestyle. The overall prevalence of osteoporosis has been reported to be higher in the Asian populations than their western counterparts. There are multiple factors which are accountable for the occurrence of osteoporosis. Aim and objective: study aimed at assessing the knowledge, awareness and attitude toward osteoporosis among women based on their education in Mangalore, South India Material and method: A total of 200 questionnaires and consent forms were distributed to the female patients who attended the outpatient department, private dental college, Mangalore.Data were collected over a duration of 12 weeks. Result: 165 completed forms were subjected to statistical analysis. SPSS version 17 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). Chi square test was applied for the analysis. A total of 54.4% , 28.3% and 29.7% information was received through television, internet and newspaper respectively. 25.5% of the participants gained knowledge through the education. Around 91.6% the participants with education level above PUC 12th were aware that chances of bone fractureare more common in osteoporotic individual and jaw bones also get affected with osteoporosis.74.8% participants had knowledge and awareness regarding the signs and symptoms of the osteoporosis. Likert scale was used to assess attitude of these participants. Majority ofparticipants in above PUC group felt hormone level plays major role in osteoporosis and it as statistical significant. The participant also felt dental treatment response and ill-fitting denture issues are more in osteoporotic individual than normal person. Conclusion: This present study showed that study participants have a good knowledge about osteoporosis, However, there are a few gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed by adopting educational programs for health professionals to robust patient care and decrease disease burden.