Management of Traumatic Fibroma in the Esthetic Zone: A Case Report.

2021-06-01 Dentistry

ABSTRACT Background: Traumatic/Irritational fibroma is an inflammatory hyperplastic reaction of the soft tissues to traumatic factors such as nail-biting, ill-fitting dentures, over-hanging restorations etc., and may present with esthetic, functional and psychological concerns.Case description: A 28 year old male patient presented with a soft tissue overgrowth in relation to his mandibular anterior teeth (labial gingiva). The lesion was localized, well-circumscribed, firm in consistency with a smooth surface and painless. However, it was a major concern for the patient both esthetically and psychologically. Thus, the lesion was excised using the scalpel method and sent for histopathological assessment. Conclusion: Traumatic fibroma are very common benign, intra oral, soft tissue lesions which arise due to chronic trauma/irritation. A detailed history taking and histopathological assessment is paramount in deducing the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.Clinical Significance: Proper diagnosis and treatment in the form of excision of these soft tissue lesions are pivotal to ensure the patient’s functional, esthetic and psychological rehabilitation. Keywords: Fibro-epithelial Hyperplasia, Traumatic Fibroma, Gingival overgrowth.