Simulation Based Training in Dental Education- A Review

2021-18-06 Dentistry

Education in the field of dentistry, relies not only on academic or book based knowledge, but is also influenced by acquisition of a certain skill set by the students. This is the first step in becoming a good and sought after clinical practitioner.This literature review article discusses how the new age simulation techniques are transforming the field of dental education. It provides an overview of the various techniques used in accomplishing the same.The article gives a brief on select studies and/or reviews by renowned experts in the world of dentistry. There have been numerous researches and experiments which give us ample evidence of the benefits of simulation based training technology for dental students. The aim of this literature is to review the already existing research and review articles relating to the simulation technology used in the field of dental education. There has been a huge improvement in simulation techniques since the patient safety movement and shifting the main focus of dentistry on patient-centric healthcare. There are numerous methods that develop a structured condition which further enhances the process of development of skills. Some of these methods include simulation activities, role play, part task trainers and immersive simulation. Some of these modalities are discussed in this article.