Exploring the Depth- Influence by Female Sex Hormones Seen in the Periodontium


Growth is a gradual process and continuously brings about changes in human body and so do the hormones There are two hormones produced by the gland in females which govern all the functions and regulate the entire process in all stages of life. Inspite of being just two in number i.e. estrogen and progesterone carry out numerous functions and these functions are of varying complexity. The changes brought about by female sex hormones also are of varying nature in different stages of life, be it early teenage or early fifties. Of these vast changes taking place in a female body in a life time several of them remain unnoticed. Because of rising awareness with changing trends in dentistry, we as Periodontists are trying to highlight phases of female reproductive cycle from puberty through menopause and some of the changes brought about by female sex hormones and their effect on the periodontium and management in different stages of life through our review article.