Conservative Management of a Large, Chronic Periapical Lesion in Relation to Maxillary Lateral Incisor: A Case Report

2021-19-06 Dentistry

Anterior dental trauma is the most common injury pattern of traumatic injuries of dentoalveolar system. Treatment of traumatic injuries in anterior segment of oral cavity is of multidisciplinary nature. In the present case scenario where nonsurgical management should be the first choice of therapy for conservation of surrounding healthy dental tissues. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses give us idea on evidence based treatment approach for long term success of therapy.The present case report is 18 months follow up of conservative and successful management of a large, chronic periapical lesion in relation to maxillary lateral incisor using routine endodontic therapy. This report gives tips which are to be followed during therapy which will be helpful in healing of the lesion and long term success.