Effects of Laser Peripheral Iridotomy in Primary Angle Closure Suspect in asymptomatic patients (PACS) and complications of Laser Peripheral Iridotmy

2020-20-05 Dentistry

Abstract: Objective: The Effect of laser peripheral iridotomy(LPI) in Primary Angle Closure suspect(PACS) in asymptomatic patients and complications of laser peripheral iridotomy. A retrospective and single institutional study. This study’s aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Laser peripheral iridotomy(LPI) in eyes with asymptomatic primary angle closure suspect (PACS) patients. We plan to conduct a retrospective chart review of patients who underwent an LPI , procedure by one glaucoma subspecialist at Malabar Medical College and Hospital(MMC &H) between January 2017 and December2018. Patients were treated with argon green laser and Nd: Yag laser applications over iris at 7 & 4 clock in one session. Data obtained will include patients’ demographics, subtype of glaucoma, baseline IOP, Visual Fields, OCT RFNL, number of anti-glaucoma medications, and post- laser IOP at 1 hour. LPI outcomes at 4, 12 and 24weeks post laser will be evaluated by slit lamp examination and four mirror gonioscopy to know the patency of iridotomy. Statistical analyses will be performed comparing patency of iridotomy. Data on presence and degree of transient IOP rise 1-hour post procedure , complication of iridotomy will also be obtained.