The purpose of Dr TMA Pai Endowment Chair is to attract, recognize and retain scholars who are acknowledged by their peers as being eminent in their fields. It is a prestigious academic appointment in Manipal Academy of Higher Education to promote excellence in teaching and research and to extend the frontiers of knowledge by hosting men and women who have won national and global acclaim for their novel contributions. 




  • To support excellence at MAHE  
  • To increase visibility in terms of recognition/ rankings/citations  
  • To encourage world-renowned professionals to spend time at MAHE as visiting faculty  
  • To retain quality faculty at MAHE


Qualifications to be a Dr TMA Pai Chair


  • Will be a faculty of MAHE or from outside the university. 
  • Must fulfil the basic educational qualification of the Institute/Centre.  
  • Should have an excellent grants/ publications/ innovation profile.  
  • Should have a proven track record of obtaining grants from outside sources.  
  • Should be able to take the academic activities to a higher level of excellence.  
  • Could be a distinguished scientist of the Nobel class from abroad.  
  • The primary requirement is that the Chair must be among the topmost in his/her field. 

The Chair will have enough academic freedom to pursue his/her research work, teaching and other innovative programs.


Process for choosing


  • A Chair may be nominated by institutions/departments/Centres from within MAHE.  
  • If self-nominated, the applicant must submit a statement of purpose indicating a clear vision for building a new academic/research initiative in Manipal.  
  • Confidential evaluations of the work of the nominee/applicant will be sought from two or more external experts who are well known in the field.  
  • The application along with the evaluations of the work of the candidate by experts will be placed before a selection committee of MAHE headed by the Vice Chancellor.  
  • The tenure of a Chair is normally for two years and can be renewed if so recommended by the review committee.  
  • The selection committee will also fix the quantum of financial incentive (up to Rs. 10 lakhs per annum) to be paid to the Chair.


Expectations from the Dr TMA Pai Chair  


  • The Chair is expected to increase the overall visibility of the group and of MAHE, both nationally and internationally.  
  • The Chair would attract partnerships with the best institutions in India and abroad.  
  • The Chair is expected to pursue high quality research and produce high quality work in the respective area of expertise.  
  • The Chair is expected to develop and sustain a mentoring system for junior faculty members by providing advice and feedback on research and publication and help them to network.  
  • The Chair is also expected to help collaboration among different groups within the university.


Evaluation of Dr TMA Pai Chair  


  • A Chair will submit half yearly reports.  
  • Every two years the Chair will be evaluated by a review committee at MAHE chaired by the  Vice Chancellor.  
  • To the extent possible, the review committee will have as many members from the original selection committee that selected the Chair.  
  • The review committee will decide the continuation or discontinuation of the Chair.  
  • The performance of the Chair will be presented to the Board of Management, MAHE. 

Applications are invited throughout the year. The applications are to be sent to:  The Vice Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal 576104, Karnataka, Email: