Manipal - Government of Karnataka Bioincubator

Manipal - Government of Karnataka Bioincubator, an initiative by Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and the Government of Karnataka, under Manipal University Technology Business Incubation Society, to facilitate Innovation and Incubation  in the Bio-Medical Domain.  This Incubation platform developed in 2019, aims to upscale innovations specializing in technology, propelling innovative ideas towards product commercialization. Startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, entrepreneurship ventures of researchers, faculty and students are welcome to explore world class bio-incubation space with cutting edge access to expertise and infrastructure. Manipal-GOK Bioincubator also focuses on the translational activities dedicated to promoting technology based early stage ideas, through mentorship, technical assistance, business validation and networking opportunities.


Manipal-GOK Bioincubator is developed to handhold and address the challenges of entrepreneurs to create technology-based enterprise and to become successfully commercializing business model. Bioincubator keen to develop a strong entrepreneurial culture with good governance and operational model to evaluate and benchmark the performance of entrepreneurs. Bioincubator welcomes you to explore the emerging opportunities available with biotechnology hubs with the cumulative incubation area of 10,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and office spaces along with opportunities to forge synergies with industry.


Thrust Areas:

1.         Biopharma

2.         Biomedical Devices

3.         Dental Innovation

4.         Biotech

5.         Diagnosis and Medical Healthcare


Bioincubator provides the world class facilities, infrastructure and services for the innovations relevant to medical, dental, Bio-printing & 3 D organ development, microfluidics, drug discovery, nano biotechnology, fabrication of biomedical devices, diagnosis innovation, AI interfaces & wearable devices & technologies, mobile health initiatives, Big Data, IOTs, Block Chain applications, personalized medicine, precision medicine, drug delivery systems, medical robotics, advances in sensors, lifesaving & Orthopaedic devices, smart diagnosis tools, regenerative medicine, recombinant therapeutics, APIs, formulations & biosimilar development.


Bioincubator Service and Supports


Manipal-GoK Bioincubator provides value added incubation services with entrepreneurial spirit in a vibrant environment, with state-of-art infrastructure and all essential support required for de-risking innovative ideas. These include technology development or prototyping laboratories, dedicated instrumentation facility, co-working spaces, technical assistance, business advisory, seed support, angel investments, piloting grants, etc., for the projects selected from thrust area. Manipal-GoK Bioincubator offers dedicated incubation space as well as access to the specialized facility, Instrumentation, laboratories and relevant services available from various institutions under MAHE based on necessity. Bioincubator is self-sustained to manage different stages of the innovation including Ideation, Proof of Concept, Prototype Development, Product Refinement, Product Testing and Validations along with additional services through existing network and partners. Various services provided through other service providers are funds/grants assistance, external mentoring services, knowledge management services, capacity and resource building, market analysis, business skill development,  business planning & development, financial advisory services , CA, accounting & auditing, CS service (company registration and documentation), legal service, regulatory services, it services and technical data analysis and interpretation. Bioincubator also facilitate support from various institutions/facilities of MAHE for technology development and commercialization.


Bioincubator Facilities:

●          Dedicated Incubation Laboratories

●          Shared Laboratory Incubation spaces

●          Dedicated Instrumentation Facility

●          Common Instrumentation Facility

●          Tissue culture Laboratories

●          Dedicated Office spaces


Incubation services:


Virtual incubation/Co incubation

This incubation programme is planned for existing startups or innovators associated with other Incubator/academic/research organisations/industry, which provide access to the facility and service of Bioincubator at any stage of their product development.


Pre incubation

This program is for early stage innovators with just an idea of innovation, early development stage of their prototype, which need further support to reach the proof of concept stage, initial validation or basic market or business analysis of their product, process or service.



Under this program, the Bioincubator will facilitates innovator with incubation space and support services, to convert innovative ideas towards product commercialization.


Proof of concept

The aspiring entrepreneur can generate the proof of concept from their innovative idea with preliminary data, through the scientific facility and service provided by Bioincubator. Proof of concept is a demonstration, the purpose of which is to verify that certain concepts or theories have the potential for real world application.


Prototype development Refinement and validation

Innovators with proof of concept ready to develop alpha prototype are supported and resolve them to move to next phase of validation, regulatory approvals and commercialization.


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