Beyond Teaching


A potent, powerful blend of academic experience and industry exposure, the faculty at Manipal Academy of Higher Education don several hats on campus.


As teachers, they employ the latest teaching techniques, making extensive use of modern technology. Most are members of professional bodies, and advisors at academic forums.

As teacher-guardians, they play the role of mentor, counsellor and guide, monitoring and encouraging students to excel not just academically, but also in extra-curricular activities.

As researchers, they write papers, chair sessions at national and international conferences, and regularly publish in high impact journals. A large number of them are involved in domain-based, multi-disciplinary research, setting benchmarks in academic excellence. Senior faculty are also involved in doctoral research guidance and in post-doctoral research.

As social workers, they are involved in various corporate social responsibility initiatives, apart from supporting projects of the Volunteer Services Organisation, an MAHE student body involved in social projects.

As consultants, MAHE faculty participate in clinical trials and projects in collaboration with leading corporates and pharmaceutical companies.

As academic entrepreneurs, they actively engage with industry, map industry requirements with academic programs, and introduce innovative programs to keep pace with industry-best practices and upgrades.

As internal auditors, they evaluate and benchmark the performance of the academic and support processes.

As business incubators, they support students in conceptualizing new business ideas and incubating them with the support of Manipal Academy of Higher Education Technology Business Incubator.

And to ensure that the teachers themselves are exposed to the latest trends and technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s in-house training facility, the Manipal Centre for Professional and Personal Development organises professional development programs on a regular basis with the help of internal and external experts.

Which is why at Manipal, teaching is not just a profession. It’s a calling.