Social Impact

Social Impact



About VSO  

Volunteer Services Organization (VSO), a unit of Manipal Academy of Higher Education was initiated on September 17, 2007 to give an opportunity to students, staff & their spouses of Manipal to live their lives with  purpose by helping those in need. It is a platform that not only helps the needy, but also provides each volunteer with an opportunity to gain new skills, work in a team and, most importantly, to become a better person. With volunteers strength of more than 3000 (including students, faculty & their spouse) from various constituent colleges of Manipal & Mangalore, VSO undertake projects which cover community, social, organizational and soft skills avenues.


Mission Statement

VSO aims to develop the spirit of selfless service by responding to the community’s needs, addressing the issues of society, and developing the leadership and learning skills of the volunteers. Students, faculty, and staff strive to ameliorate the conditions of the impoverished and the less fortunate. We come together in hopes of forging a path to a better society.



To respond to community needs

To address the issues of society

To develop the leadership potential of the students

To enhance student learning


Regular Programmes


Weekly Programmes/Visits:

  • Jyothi - visit to asare, a home for special children
  • Sanjeevani – visit to pediatric ward of kasturba hospital
  • Aarambh -  visit to sri krishna balaniketan
  • Clean Manipal Campaign
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Visit to Bijapur Slums
  • Visit to Snehasadan – home for HIV positive children


Special Programmes

  • Spoken Kannada Classes
  • Birthday Celebration at Orphanages
  • Health Camps for underprivileged people
  • Health awareness campaigns
  • Sandhya - visit to Nittur State Home for girls
  • Collection drives (clothes, stationary, toys)
  • Theatre & drama workshops for children
  • SPARSH – fund raising cultural show
  • TARANG – a kite flying festival
  • DAAN UTSAV – joy of giving week



Honorary Chairman

Dr. H Vinod Bhat

Vice Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education


Dr Suma Nair

Director, Student Affairs, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Mr Jagdish Nayak

Director, Finance, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Dr B Unnikrishnan

Associate Dean, Mangalore

Chief Coordinator

Dr Anup Naha

MCOPS, Manipal

VSO Administration, Finance, Health Camps

Joint Coordinators

Mr Nandish S

SOIS, Manipal

VSO Administration, Special Projects, VSO website

Dr Ramesh Holla

KMC, Mangalore

VSO Administration, VSO Mangalore Campus activities

Faculty Coordinators

Dr Vidya Pratap

TAPMI, Manipal

CSR Projects , Blood Donation Camp

Dr Kirthinath Ballal
KMC, Manipal

Asare Visit

Dr Swathi Pai

MCODS, Manipal

Spoken Kannada Class & Dental Camps


Mr Yusuf Haider

MIT, Manipal

Clean & Green Manipal Campaign

Mr Valsaraj P

WGSHA, Manipal

Project Coordinators recruitement & training, VSO meetings

Mr Abhishek Chaturvedi

MMMC, Manipal

Paediatric Ward Visit, VSO website

Mr Heera lal Mahto

SOAHS, Manipal

Bijapur & Udupi Slum Visit

Mr Shreeraj Gudi

SOC, Manipal

VSO Media & Publicity, VSO website


Mrs Latha T Bhat

MCON, Manipal

New Project Initiatives

Dr Mithun Pai

MCODS, Mangalore

VSO Mangalore Campus activities

Mrs Geeta S

Faculty Spouse

Srikrishna Balaniketan visit






Core Coordinators

1. Gautam Nayak, MIT

2. Umang Agarwal, SOAHS

We Care

1. Amit Patel, MIT

Media & Publicity

1. Subhash D R , SOC

2. Kunal Lalwani, MIT

Shri Krishna Balaniketan visit

1. Ashna Kher, MCODS ( Team Leader)

2. Chetan Swaroop, MIT

3. Anudeep M, MIT

4. Sehar Hasham, SOAHS

ASARE visit

1. Srilekha M, MCOPS ( Team Leader),

2. Varun Keri, MIT

3. Sahil Batra, MIT

4. Amarjot Singh Bullar, MIT

Health Camp

1. Isha Mody SOAHS ( Team Leader)

2. Vishal Gupta, KMC

3. Akanksha Roy, MCODS

Bijapur Slum & Udupi Slum visit

1. Zahra Karmali, SOAHS ( Team Leader),

2. Vidhi Mittal, SOAHS

3. Valida Mendonca, SOAHS

4. Rasajna Gnsl, MIT

5. Ashritha Sadu, MIT

6. Shubham Sharma, MIT

7. Akshay N, MIT

Clean & Green Manipal

1. Rakesh Gangwar ( Team Leader), MIT

2. Priya Tyagi, SOC

3. Nimish Singhal, MIT

4. Lochan Khullar, MCODS

Pediatric Ward Visit

1. Vikash Singh (team Leader), MIT

2. Salonee Mahapatra, MIT

3. Sahitya Ambesh, MCODS

4. Naguru Nikhileswara Reddy, MIT

New Project Initiatives

1. Lipisha Agarwal, KMC

2. Ranjini N V, SOAHS

Blood Donation Camp 1. Geeta Sundar, KMC

VSO-Mangalore Campus

 1. Prashanth G Narahari, KMCMlr

 2. Samskruthi S Reddy, KMCMlr

 3. Jeena K Sathyan, KMCMlr

 4. Sanjana Abraham, KMCMlr

 5. Prajwal B K, KMCMlr

 6. Sunandha Senthil, KMCMlr

 7. Sumaiya Noor, KMCMlr

 8. Abhijeet gill, KMCMlr

 9. Ritwik Ghosh, KMCMlr

10. Anubhav Gupta, KMCMlr

11. Shubham Agarwala, MCODSMlr

12. Sulagna Chakrabarti, MCODSMlr






Who can join VSO?

Students, Staffs & their family members, i.e. anyone who is interested to devote his/her time to render selfless service can join VSO. No criteria for joining VSO required except for your willingness to work towards the betterment of society and to Be The Change You Want To Be.


How are you benefitted by joining VSO?

Satisfaction that you get when you do something for Humanity. Experience of being part of a community event and chance to organize events will help you build up experience for your future.


When to join VSO?

We welcome volunteers throughout the year to join us. The sooner you join the more time will you get to work with us, and we with you.


How to become a registered volunteer of VSO?

Sign up in the VSO webpage and fill in all the details of the registration form. Submit the form (including a passport photo) and you will receive your temporary VSO Id number. Once your form is verified and approved by the Chief Coordinator you will receive an intimation mail with your permanent VSO Id number. There is NO Registration fees to join VSO


Is there any id card for a volunteer?

YES. Once your registration is approved by Chief Coordinator and you get a permanent VSO ID number then you are eligible to receive a VSO ID card. Take a copy of your passport photo and visit Office of Director of Student Affairs, to collect your ID card. Without passport photo no ID card can be issued.


How I can purchase VSO t-shirt?

Prior intimation is send to all the volunteers when the VSO T-shirts are available. Volunteer can collect the VSO T-shirt by paying the nominal fees. For more information contact the We Care student Coordinator.


How to participate in VSO project?

Every Monday projects will be uploaded in the website. Sign in using your user id and password and register for the project of your interest. You can register for only one project in a week and registration is first cum first serve basis.


Can I participate in a project if my registration is not verified/approved?

NO. You cannot participate in a project until your registration is verified and approved as you need to register for the projects online. Once you upload all the necessary details properly it will take maximum 7 days to approve your registration.


Can I participate in a project if Id card is not issued to me?

NO. Volunteers need to carry their VSO Id cards during the participation of projects.


How can I cancel my name from a project for which I have already registered for a week?

VSO requests its volunteers to participate in the project for which they have registered. But in case of genuine reasons they can withdraw their names. Option is given online. But volunteer has to intimate the weekly coordinator by Saturday so that someone else can participate in the project.


What will happen if I don’t participate in the project even after registering for that project?

Every week only a few volunteers get a chance to participate in VSO project as there is a huge pool of volunteers. VSO requests its volunteers to participate in the project for which they have registered. In case you don’t participate in a project without prior intimation to the weekly coordinator your name will be noted and if such incidents happen for more than 3 times you will not allowed to participate in future project till the Chief Coordinator permits.


How attendance is recorded for a project?

Attendance for every program will be taken on the day of the project by the weekly coordinator of that week. The number of hours will reflect in your account within the next 7 days.


How to check my attendance status?

Your attendance status will be automatically reflected in your account.


What shall I do if my attendance is not given?

Your attendance will be credited within 7 days and it should reflect in your account. In case attendance is not given contact the respective weekly coordinator to claim your attendance.


Do I get a bonafide letter for being a volunteer of VSO?

NO separate letter is issued by VSO as a proof of being a VSO volunteer. The VSO Id card is a sufficient proof that you are a volunteer of VSO.


Do I get a certificate for volunteering?

YES. VSO gives you a certificate at the completion of your course, however you can apply anytime. But only one certificate is issued to a volunteer during the entire tenure of his/her course. But you should complete a minimum of 28 hours of volunteer service to be eligible to receive a certificate. To recognize the volunteers work there are three types of certificates depending upon the number of hours of service they have completed. It is named as Bronze (28-49 hr), Silver (50-74 hr) and Gold (Above 75 hr).


How to apply for VSO certificate?

Only one certificate is issued to a volunteer during the entire tenure of his/her course. You can apply online for a certificate via your account, only after completion of minimum 28 hours


How much time it will take to get a VSO certificate?

It will take maximum 14 working days to issue a certificate after it has been approved by Chief Coordinator. Certificate can be collected from Office of Director of Student Affairs,


To sign up for VSO or for more information, visit