Volunteer Services Organization (VSO), a unit of Manipal Academy of Higher Education was initiated on September 17, 2007 to give an opportunity to students, staff & their spouses of Manipal to live their lives with  purpose by helping those in need. It is a platform that not only helps the needy, but also provides each volunteer with an opportunity to gain new skills, work in a team and, most importantly, to become a better person. With volunteers strength of more than 3000 (including students, faculty & their spouse) from various constituent colleges of Manipal & Mangalore, VSO undertake projects which cover community, social, organizational and soft skills avenues.



VSO aims to develop the spirit of selfless service by responding to the community’s needs, addressing the issues of society, and developing the leadership and learning skills of the volunteers. Students, faculty, and staff strive to ameliorate the conditions of the impoverished and the less fortunate. We come together in hopes of forging a path to a better society.



To respond to community needs

To address the issues of society

To develop the leadership potential of the students

To enhance student learning


To sign up for VSO or for more information, visit vso.manipal.edu