Choudhari K S

Associate Professor

Department of Atomic & Molecular Physics

Qualification: Ph.D.


    Dr. KS Choudhari is an Associate Professor in the Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics.


    • Engages theory and practical classes in Advanced Optics, Applied Nanotechnology, and Advanced Nanotechnology for the students of MSc Nanoscience and Technology and M.Sc. Photonics.
    • Carries out research activities in the preparation and characterization of nanoporous structures for different applications.
    • Is the laboratory co-in charge of the M.Sc. Photonics and Nanoscience and Technology 1st semester.
    • Is the laboratory in charge of the M.Sc. Photonics and Nanoscience and Technology 2nd semester.
    • Engages theory and practical classes for Certificate Course in Nanoscience and Technology conducted by the department.
    • Is Digital Coordinator for the Departmental website at
    • Is an Internal Auditor for MAHE Quality Assurance 
    • Is Member of Project Implementation Group, FIST-2012.
    • Is Laboratory In-Charge for M.Sc. Photonics and Nanoscience & Technology Course-Second Semester.
    • Is Coordinator for Seminar series for Second Semester M.Sc. Photonics and Nanoscience & Technology Course-Second Semester.
    • Is a Member of the Master of Science Program Syllabus Review Committee.
    • Guides Ph.D. students of the department in the area of Photonics, and Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
    • Guides Masters's degree students in the final year/semester project work.
    • Is an active Organising Committee member for one-day symposia, workshops, and conferences being organized by the department.
    • Provides guidance and assistance to the students for classroom preparations, examinations, seminars, etc.

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Subject Semester / Year
General Physics –Practical II –Laboratory Course M.Sc. II Semester
General Physics - Practical I - Laboratory Course M.Sc. I Semester
Electrodynamics and Advanced Optics M.Sc. II Semester
Advanced Nanotechnology M.Sc. III Semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Physics Manipal Academy of Higher Education
MSc Physics (Spectroscopy) Karnatak University


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics Associate Professor 2023 to till date
Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics Assistant Professor-Senior Scale 2015 - 2023
Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics Assistant Professor 2011 - 2015
NITK, Surathkal Junior Research Fellow 2008-2011
MAHE-PHILIPS Oral Cancer Project Junior Scientist 2006-2008
JSS College, Vidyagiri, Dharwad, Karnataka Lecturer 2004-2006


Area of Interest

Nanoporous structures preparation and characterisations, Biomedical Optics, Laser Spectroscopy.

Area of Expertise

Fabrication of nanoporous alumina structures, Characterization of nanostructures, Structural and thermal analyses of nanostructures, Data interpretations and analysis of X-ray Diffractograms and Scanning Electron Microscope images.

Area of Research

Nanomaterials, Microscopy and microanalysis of nanostructures, Optical characterisation of nanomaterials, Data analysis using statistical methods.

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