Alumni Relations


Manipal Academy of Higher Education alumni affairs office has been set up with “STTAR” (Service, Teaching, Training, Administration and Research) as its core principles. Alumni are the mirrors that reflect the image of the institution to which they belong. The students passed out from the institution are likely to keep in touch with their alma-mater to know about the recent developments in the campus. This would make them proud on discussion with their colleagues that their alma-mater still cares for them. The Alumni Relations acts as a link between the alumni and the alma-mater. To assemble the alumni on the same platform and to build a strong public relation, our university has come up with a cell called Alumni Relations which started in the year 2004. Our team has been working hard to reach the set goal. We have a centralized unit wherein a nominee is appointed from each of the constituent institute of Manipal Academy of Higher Education who acts as our representative and reports their alumni achievements and activities to the main centre.


The alma-mater conducts an alumni meet wherein many alumni are likely to participate. The institutions invite the distinguished alumni to present a lecture or for an interaction with the students as an epitome for the fresher’s. The Alumni Relations keeps updating the records of the alumni regarding the changes in their profile. Our new website has features that will ensure that alumni can register themselves and keep appraised of various activities. Their active participation, and support in the activities of the MAHE Alumni Association and the website will help us work together to take MAHE forward in the years to come. We are also look forward to feedback and suggestions from alumni on the website to carry forward this initiative. It is just a small step to bringing the alumni closer to their past.


Contact Details

Ph:  +91 820 29 23421/22311, 2571201 - 10  



Alumni Officials


Dr Rohit Singh

Director, Alumni Relations



Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore

Dr Santosh Rai

Associate Director, Alumni Relations, Mangalore Campus



Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Dr M Vijaya Kini

Associate Director – MIT Alumni Affairs