Global Immersion Programs

Immersion programs are customized to sensitize the target audience about the societal, intellectual, and academic facets of any given area of interest. MAHE Manipal being the comprehensive university it is, offers a platter of such programs in varied disciplines. Institutions design the corresponding program package based on the academic requirements of the participants showcasing the glimpses of Indian tradition, culture, local language, and visits to heritage monuments alongside the consistent classroom teaching.

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  • Lancaster Summer School Program
  • MAHE Summer School Programs

Ongoing Program

  • EAST meets WEST

     An exclusive program for the students of University of Maryland USA offering an academic overview of Indian public health system, visits          to RMCW  homes, community exposure and experience of the coastal culture and tradition

    Program duration: 3 weeks        


  • Overseas Immersion Program (OIP)

     As a part of the Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP), the students and faculty members of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore visit Manipal                   College of Nursing Manipal, MAHE for exclusive nursing management module bridged with community health nursing and cultural exchange.  

     Program duration: 3 weeks

  •  Global Health Symposium

     The Global Health Symposium unique package basically engages the students from three universities (MAHE Manipal, Maastricht University, The         Netherlands, and McMaster University, Canada) with stimulating activities including field visits, group discussions, and practical sessions spread           over the 13-days duration of the program. The Symposium is generally preceded by a Foundation Course for the students where they discuss and      work on their research questions that they will be working on during Symposium. 

     Program duration: 2 weeks


  •  Manipal International Dental Summer Training (MIDST)

     The program is aimed at providing international dental students a glimpse into dentistry practice in India. Students will be able to experience      various facets of the profession which includes volunteering at outreach camps, interactive lectures in advanced clinical dental procedures, and         hands-on demonstrations. Besides, the students will also be introduced to the rich cultural heritage of the region through a guided travel plan.

     Program duration: 2 weeks


  • Emergency Medicine Program and Wilderness Expedition

     A program exclusively tailored for medical students from Lewis Katz School of Medicine, the USA with the key focus of the program being the     wilderness medicine expedition. The expedition to Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS), Karnataka gives hands-on experience in carrying     out any emergency medical procedure indicated during the period of this expedition, administering emergency drugs, and carrying forward the     treatment till the time of transfer to the nearest medical facility. The program is offered at the Department of Emergency Medicine, KMC Manipal     in monsoon season, letting the students experience the highest rainfall in Karnataka.

    Program duration: 2-6 weeks

Given the academic and traditional blend that Manipal has, foreign students besides their academic routine will also have an exposure to the culture, food, traditions and values of rural Manipal and its serene beauty. MAHE welcomes the partner universities to join hands with us for many more of such innovative and exclusive programs for their students. For inquiries, please write to.