Dress Code


The dress should be clean, neat and pressed. Students shall wear clean, neat and presentable clothing. Visiting students are also expected to observe the dress code.


The following is the dress code for MAHE students in academic premises while attending formal functions of the institution / lectures / practicals / dissections / dining in the food courts / mess / library / labs / office areas of MAHE or at any other institution under MAHE / formal functions of the institution.


  • Recommended for Boys

Clean and pressed Trousers and collared shirt; shoes and socks.


  • Recommended for Girls

Clean and pressed Salwar or churidhar with kameez / trousers with formal shirt and formal footwear.

Students should not wear torn (intentional/otherwise) dresses and related accessories, which are not in keeping with the decorum of the institution/ MAHE. 


Further, the students from health science institution, have to follow the following rules:

Aprons (extending to mid-thigh or below) and name tags are compulsory for boys and girls.  Wearing the apron outside the campus is discouraged keeping in view the sanctity of the profession.


Further, every student has to follow the rules set in their institution regarding the dress code.