• All students are covered with Medicare which entitles them general hospitalisation, including drugs (excluding diet) and outpatient benefits (excluding drugs, materials, etc).
  • All students are required to carry the ID card all the time while visiting the hospital.  The ID card number is the Medicare number of the students.
  • In order to avoid wastage of time students are encouraged to obtain prior appointment with the consultant through the Student Health Clinic, Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.
  • During working hours students are required to report to the Student Health Clinic.  During non-working hours, they are required to report to Trauma Centre/Casualty in case of emergency. 
  • For elective surgery, students are required to keep the parents informed and it is preferable that one of the parent be present during the procedure. In case a student is admitted for a minor ailment and anticipated stay is a short stay, parents will not be contacted. However, in case of emergency efforts will be made to contact the parents. To facilitate this, parents are required to keep the college office informed about the change in local address and telephone number. 
  • While visiting the sick students at the hospital, students are required to observe the visiting hours and conduct appropriately so that the other sick patients in the hospital are not disturbed.
  • Students are covered under Medicare for the duration of the study period. Medicare has to be promptly renewed in case the student does not complete the course in the stipulated time.

Family Cover

We have a special provision to give Medicare cover to the spouse and unmarried dependent children of a postgraduate student.

  • The Medicare premium for the entire period is payable in advance at the time of admission itself. If a student gets married and has a baby, the premium needs to be paid within one month from the date of marriage/child birth.
  • Application for granting family cover will not be entertained any time after admission or after the expiry of one month from the date of marriage or child birth, whichever is later. Subsequent enrolment may be approved at the sole discretion of the University. In such cases, coverage will begin after one month from the date of payment.


NRI/Foreign Category Students

  • General hospitalisation (including drugs, blood excluding diet) in special ward (Plan A).
  • Outpatient benefits (excluding drugs, materials etc.)

General/Other Category Students

  • General hospitalisation (including drugs, blood excluding diet) in semi-special ward (Plan B).
  • Outpatient benefits (excluding drugs, materials etc.)

If a student is admitted to higher type of ward than eligible as per Medicare, he needs to pay the difference between the amount incurred and that he is eligible for.


Participating Hospitals

Medicare benefits are provided at the following hospitals on the basis of your Medicare Card/Identity Card.

  • Kasturba Hospital, Manipal
  • Dr TMA Pai Hospital, Udupi
  • Dr TMA Pai Rotary Hospital, Karkala
  • KMC Hospital, Attavar, Mangalore


Immunization record

Please click here to access the immunization record.