MAHE-ISAC Certified Penetration Tester - Overview

The MAHE-ISAC Certified Penetration Tester(MICPT) is a unique opportunity offered by MAHE and ISAC to experienced as well as inexperienced cybersecurity enthusiasts to get trained in the field of ethical hacking. Penetration Tester is a recognized empanelment program for information security professionals with hands-on proven experience in vulnerability analysis and penetration testing. The course enhances a candidate’s skill, approach, and knowledge that can provide an organization with a reliable workforce for the detection and mitigation of cybersecurity threats in a timely manner.

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn how to gather information
  • Understanding Social Engineering
  • Understanding System Security
  • Learn about password security
  • Gain understaanding of malwares
  • Gain skills in vulnerability analysis
  • Conduct web security audits
  • Conduct network audits
  • Learn about exploitation
  • Creating professional reports

Program Content

  • Ethics and Culture
  • Enterprise Security Challenges
  • Information Gathering
  • Introduction to Social Engineering
  • Systems Security
  • Password Hacking
  • Viruses and Trojans
  • Network and Web Application Security
  • Exploiting Approaches
  • Reporting

The MICPT is a fully hands-on program. You get access to Cyberrange Virtual labs for 30days. Gain practical knowledge and fundamental skills with multiple vulnerable applications and Kali OS distribution on the cloud exclusively.

The classes will be held from 12 noon  to 2.30 pm on the following days:  

  • 6th  August, 2022  
  • 7th  August, 2022   
  • 13th August, 2022   
  • 14th  August, 2022   
  • 20th  August, 2022   
  • 21st   August, 2022  
  • 27th  August, 2022


Course Fees:

MAHE staff: Rs. 590/- 

MAHE students: Rs. 1500/- 

Other participants: Rs. 53,100/- 


Registration Link

For registration, please use the following link:  (Course no: C99)


For further details, please contact:

Dr. Manjula CB | +91 9448627687

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