“Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics” is concerned with therapeutic uses for nutrition in medical settings as part of a complete health care programme. It deals with the prevention, diagnosis and management of nutritional and metabolic changes related to acute and chronic diseases.

Key Features

  • The growing evidence of unhealthy life style leading to many metabolic disorders has made this course as the need of the hour.
  • The current analysis about BSc clinical nutrition and dietetics is more concentrated on hands-on clinical exposure and experience.
  • This course offers a under graduate class room teaching, incorporating both theory, practical and clinics with one-year internship.
  • This course shall be one among the first to be started with hospital collaboration, where students shall have an add-on advantage of clinical exposure. 

Core Competencies

  • Structure, Biochemical and Metabolic Functions of Nutrients
  • Food, Diets and Supplements
  • Nutritional Status Assessment
  • Nutrition and Disease
  • Nutrition Intervention 


The  Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, MCHP Manipal offers the following programs:




It has world class facilties for training of undergraduate students


Access to hospital facilities gives student hands-on training in nutritional counselling

Innovative Centre

State-of-the-art Innovation Centre to facilitate multi-disciplinary research


The lab is adequately equipped to offer hands-on training to clinical nutrition students, to plan and prepare therapeutic diets

Sports & Fitness

Marena is the world-class facilities with courts for badminton, tennis, soccer & squash as well as a well-equipped gymnasium


Libraries have publications on the latest developments in nutrition and dietetics.

Student Housing

Student hostels are their homes away from homes