Manipal, popularly known as international university town of today, made its beginning with the establishment of medical college in private sector, viz., Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, that was established in the year 1953. It was the first self-financing medical college in the private sector in India, established in a barren hillock which has turned itself to be a green environmental city, with all modern amenities conducive to student learning. Today, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, is a name synonymous with quality medical education which attracts people not only from India but also from other countries of the world. The college has consistently been ranked among the top ten medical colleges in the country. Students from over 30 countries graduate from the college every year and the degrees are recognized worldwide.

KMC has one of the finest learning environments in South Asia with infrastructure and faculty that support students to hone their skills to become outstanding medical professionals, true to its mission. KMC is recognized by the Medical Council of India and the General Medical Council of Great Britain, the Malaysian Medical Council and Australian Medical Council. KMC, Manipal celebrated Diamond Jubilee in the year 2013-14.

The institute has strong academic linkages with national and international universities of repute. Many students from countries like UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Kenya, The Netherlands and Malaysia regularly opt for elective postings at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, that gives them great opportunities to learn.

Mission & Vision:

Providing quality professional medical education to every student who joins KMC, Manipal to facilitate his overall growth is the prime objective of the institution.

The mission of KMC, Manipal is “to train competent, compassionate and carrying physicians through excellence in teaching and patient care”. The entire team of management, the faculty, staff and the support employees, with the best of the available infrastructure facilities, has been working towards achieving the same.


Facts & Figures:

Kasturba Medical College, Manipal that was started in 1953 had offered MBBS Course. Currently, the institution, besides the undergraduate medical course leading to the award of MBBS degree, is also conducting various postgraduate medical courses in various disciplines and super-speciality courses leading to the award of M.Sc., MD, MS, DM, MCh qualifications.

The institution offers the following courses:

· Undergraduate Courses - 1 (MBBS)

· Postgraduate Courses - 55 (in various disciplines)


Currently, the institution has 1296 undergraduate students and 689 postgraduate students studying various professional medical courses.  Over 14500 alumni of the institution are pursuing their career and are spread all over the globe.


All the medical courses conducted by the institution are recognized by Medical Council of India.  Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, is a constituent college of MAHE, Manipal (formerly known as Manipal University), which is a deemed to be university recognized by University Grants Commission under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956.


The entire campus of Manipal University, including KMC, Manipal is spread over an area of over 600 acres and offers all the facilities, to the students and the faculty, that are conducive to learning, including museums, library, skill labs, sports grounds, gymnasium and international level indoor multi-purpose sports complex, wi-fi facilities on the entire campus, e-learning facilities, online library access, hospital and emergency care facilities, counseling for students, teacher-guardians and inter and intra disciplinary research facilities to hone the research skills.


Kasturba Hospital, Manipal:

Dr TMA Pai established the Kasturba Medical College at Manipal on June 30, 1953. Once the college came into existence, there was a need for a teaching hospital that could provide clinical facilities to students. In 1960, that long felt need was fulfilled when the Medical Relief Society of South Kanara joined hands with the college in setting up a hospital in Manipal. Kasturba Hospital started in May 1961, with 150 beds. Today, Kasturba Hospital has 2032 beds.

The hospital is fully equipped with state-of-art diagnostic and therapeutic departments to facilitate treatment of a wide range of medical and surgical diseases. It is well equipped for advanced and sophisticated surgeries such as coronary bypass and open-heart surgery as well as kidney transplantation. The 280-bed cancer research hospital is located adjacent to the main hospital.


The hospital caters to a large number of people from Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, etc. In addition to providing health care in the normal course, the hospital also provides special health care schemes like Medicare and the Manipal Health Plan. Kasturba Hospital has been providing yeoman service to the people for nearly five decades in the fields of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. It is accredited by NABH.


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The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."

Dr Poornima Baliga B

Pro Vice Chancellor (Health Sciences)


Vision and Mission


  • To provide global leadership in human development, excellence in education and healthcare.


  • To train competent, compassionate and caring physicians through excellence in teaching, patient care and medical research.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1951-kmc-history.jpg 1951

    Foundation Stone for the Anatomy block at KMC Manipal was laid on 24-06-1951 by his holiness Shri V Theertha Swamiji of Sode Mutt.


    light-theme 1951
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1954-kmc-history.png 1953

    June 30th, 1953 marks the birth of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

    dark-theme 1953
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1954-kmc-history-hospital-foundation.jpg 1954

    Dr AV Baliga laying the Foundation Stone for Kasturba Hospital.


    light-theme 1954
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1955-kmc-history.jpg 1955

    The Physiology block was inaugurated by the then Minister of Health, GOI, Hon'ble Rajkumari Amrit Kaur.  

    light-theme 1955
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1955-kmc-history-maternity-hospital.jpg 1956

    Beginning of a hospital at Manipal – Kasturba Maternity Hospital.

    light-theme 1956
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1961-kmc-history.jpg 1961

    Kasturba Hospital building inaugurated.

    light-theme 1961
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1969-kmc-history.jpg 1969

    Govt Wenlock Hospital provided Clinical training facilities till 1969.

    light-theme 1969
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1970-kmc-history-opd.jpg 1970

    Inauguration of OPD block by the then President, Hon'ble V V Giri.

    light-theme 1970
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1971-kmc-history.jpg 1971

    Inauguration of the Burns Centre.

    light-theme 1971
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1975-kmc-history2.jpg 1975

    Cobalt Therapy Unit was inaugurated by the then Union Minister of Health, Hon'ble Karan Singh.

    light-theme 1975
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1978-kmc-history2.jpg 1978

    Inauguration of Dr AV Baliga Institute of Surgery by the then Prime Minister, Hon'ble Indira Gandhi.

    light-theme 1978
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1979-kmc-history.jpg 1979

    Silver Jubilee Celebrations at KMC Manipal.

    light-theme 1979
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1980-kmc-history-research-centre.jpg 1980

    TMA Pai Research Centre inaugurated.

    light-theme 1980
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1982-kmc-history.jpg 1982

    Laproscopic Camp.

    light-theme 1982
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1983-kmc-history.jpg 1983

    Paediatric Surgery Department inaugurated.

    light-theme 1983
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1986-kmc-history-ctscan-zailsingh.jpg 1986

    Inauguration of CT Scan Centre by the then President of India, Hon'ble Giani Zail Singh.

    light-theme 1986
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1988-kmc-history.jpg 1988

    Inauguration of Paediatric Block by the then Governor of Karnataka, Hon'ble P Venkatasubbaiah.

    light-theme 1988
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1989-kmc-history.jpg 1989

    Inaguration of Cardio-Angiography and DSA by Shri Shivashankar, Minister HR, 1989.

    light-theme 1989
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1990-kmc-history-saibaba-foundation.jpg 1990

    Laying of foundation stone for ‘Shiridi Saibaba Cancer Block’.


    light-theme 1990
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1991-kmc-manipal-neonatal.jpg 1991

    Inauguration of New OT complex by the then Chief Minister, Shri Bangarappa.

    light-theme 1991
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1997-kmc-history-nephrology.jpg 1997

    Dept of Nephrology with Dialysis facility.

    light-theme 1997
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1998-kmc-history-tma-pai.jpg 1998

    Birth Centenary celebrations of Dr TMA Pai.

    light-theme 1998
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1999-kmc-history.jpg 1999

    On February 18th, 1999 the first “Test tube baby” of coastal Karnataka was born at KMC Hospital.

    light-theme 1999
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2003-kmc-history-golden.jpg 2003

    Golden Jubilee Celebrations at KMC Manipal.

    light-theme 2003
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2004-kmc-history.jpg 2004

    Inauguration of new Library Complex.

    light-theme 2004
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/padma-bushan.png 2011

    MU Chancellor and President Dr Ramdas M Pai being awarded Padma Bhushan.

    light-theme 2011
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2013-kmc-history.jpg 2013

    Diamond Jubilee Celebration at KMC Manipal.


    light-theme 2013
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/deans-kms-manipal.jpg 2014

    Deans - KMC Manipal.

    light-theme 2014
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