Doctorate of Medicine is a super specialty course offered in the following streams:

Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology and Nephrology, Medical Genetics,          Infectious Diseases, Medical Oncology


The curriculum includes

  • Clinical neurology: inpatient, out-patient and ICU
  • Investigational neurology: EEG, ENMG
  • Assisting the consultant for surgeries during the day
  • Performing minor procedure under the guidance of a consultant
  • Taking evening rounds of ward patients and checking the treatment protocol
  • Presenting cases in the clinical case discussion class
  • Presenting topics in seminars and symposia
  • 24-hour duties in cardio ICU  and giving the acute care to patients
  • Working on thesis.

The postgraduate students carry out regular work and theses under the supervision of faculty members.



3 years

Career Paths

Opportunities to pursue DM or fellowships or work as consultants or researchers in Medical Colleges and hospitals across the globe are available. Some alumni are heading prestigious institutes across globe.


The Department of Neurology has EEG/ENMG Labs.

Libraries have excellent resources for reference and study

Teaching hospitals give students hands-on learning