Dr.Deepika Chenna

Assistant Professor

Department of Immunohaematology


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC Manipal Senior Resident 2016 till date

Platelet Transfusion in a tertiary care hospital –a study on demand, supply and appropriateness

Chenna Deepika

Effect of pre-donation fluid intake on interstitial fluid shift among blood donors

Chenna Deepika


Area of Interest

Immunohematology, component therapy, Apheresis technology and clinical hemotherapy

Area of Expertise

• Donor screening, selection and Counselling. • Immuno-hematology, including workup of patients with autoimmune hemolytic anemia, hemolytic disease of newborn, blood grouping discrepancies and compatibility testing. • Quality control of blood components. • Apheresis: plateletpheresis for donors, therapeutic plasma exchange, therapeutic leukapheresis. • Trained in blood administration in special settings like massive transfusion, exchange transfusion • Identification, investigation and management of adverse transfusion reactions in patients. • Well exposed in in operating manual and automated ELISA workstation, automated blood grouping and crossmatching machine. • Creating awareness about blood donation and Donor Motivation

Significance of Adopting a Sensitive Technique for Donor Antibody Screening

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Lingula and Antilingula as Anatomic Reference Points for Ramus Osteotomies

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The Study of Antilingula and Its Relation to the Lingula and Mandibular Foramen, the Presence of Mylohyoid Bridging in Dry Mandibles of South Indian Population

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Implication of Deferral Pattern on the Donor Pool: Study at a Tertiary Care Hospital

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Relationship of body mass index and dental caries with oral health related quality of life among adolescents of Udupi district, South India

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Relationship between anthropometric measures and dental caries among adolescent National Cadets Corps of Udupi district, south India

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