Dr Kavitha Saravu

Professor and Head, Department of Infectious Diseases

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    Dr Kavitha Saravu teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students.


    • Is involved in academic and clinical training of medical students and internal medicine postgraduate residents.
    • Guides postgraduate students in their dissertation.
    • Is internal examiner at KMC Manipal for MBBS.
    • Attends to outpatients and inpatients and supervises resident doctors and interns.
    • Guides PhD students.


Subject Subject code Semester
Internal medicine MBBS
Internal medicine MD


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
ICMR International Fellowship for Young Biomedical Scientists Translational Research (Infectious Diseases) Yale School of Medicine, Connecticut, USA 2013
Diploma Tropical Medicine and Hygiene London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Royal College of Physicians, England, UK) 2013
DNB General Medicine National Board of Examinations, New Delhi 2006
MD General Medicine Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, and King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai 1998
MBBS Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore 1994


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC,Manipal Professor and Head, Department of Infectious Diseases 1/10/2019 till date
KMC, Manipal Professor, Division-Head of Infectious Diseases under Department of Medicine 02/05/2015 to 30/09/2019
KMC, Manipal Professor & Unit Head 01/03/2013 to 30/04/2015
KMC, Manipal Additional Professor 16/07/2012 to 28/02/2013
KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 13/10/2004 to 15/07/2012
KMC, Manipal Assistant Professor 20/10/1999 to 12/10/2004
Seth G S Medical College and King Edward Memorial College, Mumbai Junior Resident 01/08/1995 to 31/07/1998

Understanding the Epidemiology of Antimalarial Drug Resistance in Plasmodium vivax and Elucidation of Resistance Deterministic Host Factors for Antimalarial Drugs.


Principal investigator : in-progress research project funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi.

Assessment of acute kidney injury and other organ dysfunctions in falciparum and vivax Malaria in Kasturba Hospital, Manipal – a retrospective study.


Principal investigator.

Acute kidney injury in Dengue-risk factors and outcomes.


Co-Investigator of the on-going study.

Assessment of fourteen days primaquine treatment efficacy by determination of long latency relapses in Plasmodium vivax.


Principal investigator of the in-progress study

Assessment of Malarial acute kidney injury in a tertiary care centre.


Co-Principal investigator of the in-progress study.

Predictors of mortality in acute febrile illness requiring ICU care.


Co-Principal investigator of the in-progress study.

Elucidation of haematological profile with respect to disease severity in malaria – a tertiary care teaching hospital based cohort study.


Co-Principal investigator of the in-progress study

Clinico-Microbiology profile of infective endocarditis from a tertiary care hospital in India.


Principal investigator of the in-progress study.


Area of Interest

Infectious Diseases, Malaria, Melioidosis, Acute Febrile Illnesses, HIV, Antimicrobial Resistance

Area of Expertise

Infectious Diseases, Malaria, Melioidosis, Tuberculosis, Acute Febrile Illnesses

Area of Research

Malaria, Scrub typhus, Melioidosis, Tuberculosis, HIV

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

 1.                  Infectious Disease Society of India –L- 173

2.                  HIV Medical Association of India - LM / 2011-12 / 022

3.                  Clinical Infectious Disease Society –CIDS 158

4.                  India CLEN-India Clinical Epidemiology Network

5.                  International society of Infectious Diseases, ISID

6.                  Infectious Disease Society of America, IDSA

7.                  Editorial board of Journal of Parasitic Diseases.

8.                  Manipal Center for Infectious Diseases (MAC

                    ID)- MACID/16/003        

9.                  International Melioidosis Society

10.              Indian Rickettsial Infections Study Network (IRISN)

11.               Executive life member of Clinical Infectious Diseases Society 

12.              Vivax Working group

13.              WWARN Vivax study group

Top Publications updated


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Deep learning, computer-aided radiography reading for tuberculosis: a diagnostic accuracy study from a tertiary hospital in India

Nash, M., Kadavigere, R., Andrade, J. et al.

Sci Rep 10, 210 (2020)

Over-the-counter antibiotic dispensing by pharmacies: a standardised patient study in Udupi district, India

Nafade V, Huddart S, Sulis G, Saravu K et al

BMJ Glob Health 2019;4:e001869. doi:10.1136/ bmjgh-2019-00186

The haematological consequences of Plasmodium vivax malaria after chloroquine treatment with and without primaquine: a WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis.

Commons RJ, Simpson JA, Thriemer K, Chu CS, Douglas NM, Abreha T, et al.

BMC Med. 2019;17(1):151.

Characterization of platelet count and platelet indices and their potential role to predict severity in malaria

Gupta P, Guddattu V, Saravu K

Pathog Glob Health . 2019 Apr 9;1–8.

Diagnosing active tuberculosis in people living with HIV

MacLean E, Saravu K, Pai M

Curr Opin HIV AIDS. 2018 October

A pilot randomized controlled trial to compare the effectiveness of two 14-day primaquine regimens for the radical cure of vivax malaria in South India

Saravu, K., Tellapragada, C., Kulavalli, S., Xavier,W., Umakanth, S., Brahmarouphu, G., G., Bhat, K

Mal J, 2018;17: 321.

The effect of chloroquine dose and primaquine on Plasmodium vivax recurrence: a World Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network systematic review and individual patient pooled meta-analysis.

Commons RJ, Simpson JA, Thriemer K, Humphreys GS, Abreha T, Alemu SG, et al

Lancet Infect Dis. 2018;3099(18):1–10

Laboratory Diagnosis of Tuberculosis: Best Practices and Current Policies.

2019 Madhukar Pai, Marzieh Ghiasi, Kavitha Saravu

Textbook of Tuberculosis and Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Diseases by S K Sharma and Alladi Mohan 2019


2019 Saravu Kavitha

11th edition of API text book of medicine (Association of physicians of India) ed S Kamath 2019

Adverse Drug Events With Anti Tuberculosis Therapy: What Every GP Should Know

2016 Saravu Kavitha, Madhukar Pai

3rd Edition of Lets talk TB, A Supplement to GP CLINICS 2016



10th edition of API text book of medicine (Association of physicians of India) ed Y P Munjal 2015


2012 Saravu Kavitha

9th edition API text book of medicine (Association of physicians of India) ed Y P Munjal 2012, Vol 2, 1134.

Elucidation of Host immune competence, disease severity and anti-malarial drug resistance in plasmodium vivax Malaria

2014-01-01 Rishikesh Kumar

Study of risk factors, clinical features and predictors of outcome of MRSA infection

2013-01-01 Dr Aparajita Chatterjee

A comparative study of clinical presentation of tuberculosis and melioidosis

2012-01-01 Dr Mohan Rao

Determinants and outcome of ventilator associated pneumonia

2011-01-01 Dr Preethi V

Risk factors, microbiological profile and outcome of 174 cases of nosocomial sepsis

2010-01-01 Dr Madhura

Computational Intelligence Technique for The Detection of Dengue Fever

June 2019 Ms. Hilda Mayrose

Clinical profile of melioidosis

2009-01-01 Dr Rammoorthy

Clinical profile and determinants of outcome in poisonous snake bites

2008-01-01 Dr Vasanth Somavarapu

" Effect of vitamin D supplements and Vitamin D Receptor gene polymorphisms in South-Indian patients with Diabetic Foot Infection

18th June, 2019 Shilia Jacob Kurian

Palliative and support care in HIV/AIDS – a study of unmet need

April 2019 Dr Sindhu H Manjunath

Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors included inflammatory bowel disease in type 2 diabetes patients: A retrospective cohort study in a South-Indian tertiary care hospital

August 2018 Shawn J Fernandes

A case report on pharmacogenomic profiling of allopurinol induced Steven-Johnson Syndrome/ Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis” in a tertiary care hospital

August 2018 Thiriveedhi Sneha, Alekhya L

A retrospective study on treatment outcomes and complications of Chickungunya virus infection from a teaching hospital in southwest coastal region of India,

February 2018 Ms. Marzieh Ansaritorogh

Drug Utilization Pattern and Safety Evaluation of Anti-Tubercular Therapy,

February 2018 Ms. Ishmath Begum

Adverse effects of fluoroquinolones: A retrospective cohort study in a tertiary health-care facility

April, 2018, Ashley Ann Thalody & Benitta Mathews

Prevalence and association of malnutrition in Tuberculosis and its impact on anti-tuberculosis drug induced liver injury (DILI),

September 2017 Dr Nihal

Validation of clinical risk score for severity of scrub typhus

September, 2017 Dr Shivali

Recurrences in Malaria and its Determinants

September 2016 Dr Divya Gandrala

A study of etiology and case fatality of acute febrile illness in Kasturba Hospital, Manipal

September 1, 2016 Dr Gautam Raj

A study of Lipoarabinomannan (LAM Ag) based lateral flow assay for diagnosis of Leprosy- A pilot study

March 2016 Snigdha

Point-of-care Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis in Manipal (“POCUS ETI”)

January 2016 Dr Stefan Fabian Weber

Determination of diagnostic – prognostic significance of peripheral blood parasite index, leucocyte and platelet parameters for disease severity and outcomes among hospitalized adult patients with Plasmodium vivax malaria

September 2015-August 2016 Rishikesh Kumar

Prevalence and risk factors of tuberculosis infection among healthcare trainees in South India

September 2015 Marzhei Ghiasi

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding tuberculosis Infection Control (TBIC) among recent medical graduates in Karnataka, South India

Sept 1, 2015 Marzhei Ghiasi

Risk factors and outcomes of extrapulmonary tuberculosis- a hospital based cohort study

Sept 01, 2015 Dr Jibia

Epidemiology, risk factors and outcomes of brucellosis – a hospital based cohort study.

Sept 1, 2015, Dr Sindhu

Risk factors and Outcomes of AKI in dengue fever

2015 Dr Pradeep Reddy

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