Dr. Mary Mathew

Professor & Head of the Dept.

Department of Pathology


    Dr Mary Mathew teaches and trains undergraduate and postgraduate students.


    • Plans, supervises and manages curriculum of Medical Laboratory Technician Program.
    • Does annual supervision of postgraduate thesis.
    • Guides short term undergraduate student research projects also PhD guide.
    • Is examiner for MBBS and postgraduate examiner for MD Pathology.
    • Provides Diagnostics: reporting histopathology and cytology samples.
    • Conducts foetal autopsies.
    • Attends workshops and conferences regularly to update the knowledge and also faculty orientation, development and other meetings as required by the university.
    • Is in charge of the Departmental ISO.
    • Sets University and sessional question papers.


Subject Semester / Year
Pathology 3rd, 4th and 5th semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PGDMLE Medical Law & Ethics National Law School, India University, Bangalore 2012
MD Pathology Kasturba Medical College, Manipal 1997
DCH Pediatrics Kasturba Medical College, Manipal 1991
MBBS Kasturba Medical College, Manipal 1988


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC,Manipal Professor and Head June 2021 till date
KMC, Manipal Professor 01/02/2011 to May 2021
KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 20/07/2002 to 31/01/2011
KMC, Manipal Assistant Professor 26/06/1997 to 19/07/2002
KMC, Manipal Tutor cum PG 15/03/1993 to 17/03/1997
KMC, Manipal Tutor in Physiology 20/11/1989 to 31/01/1990

Warriors without armors: Human Rights violations against healthcare workers in the times of COVID-19.

2020-12-03 Roy et al

Webinar Series – Ethical of the Humanitarian and Social Aspects in responding to COVID 19, Global Bioethics Enquiry

2020 Dr. Mary Mathew

Webinar Series – Ethical Issues in Medical Education in the wake of COVID-19, Global Bioethics Enquiry

2020 Dr.MaryMathew(Webinar Co-Chair and Moderator)

Sinonasal Metastasis: A Clinicopathological Series of Seven Cases.

April-June 2020 Dr.Varun Kumar Singh Dr.Mary Mathew Dr.Ranjini Kudva Dr.Kanthilatha Pai Dr.Arijit Bishnu

Enhancing Social Accountability Skills in Medical Students Through Community School Projects.

2020 Dr. Mary Mathew


Area of Interest

Medical renal disease, Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology, Male and Female genital tract tumors, Placental Pathology, Bioethics

Area of Expertise

Nephropathology, Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology, Placental Pathology, Bioethics

Area of Research

Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology, Placental Pathology and Bioethics

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Member of Indian Association of Pathology and Microbiology, 1993.
  • Life Member of International Association of Pathology-Indian Division 1993
  • Life member of Indian Association of Hematology & Blood transfusion 1993
  • Life Member – Karnataka Chapter of IAPM (KCIAPM) 1997
  • Member of FERCI 2013
  • Member of International Forum of teachers, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics 2013
  • Life Member Indian Society of Renal and Transplant Pathology
  • Fellow of International Institute of Organizational Psychological Medicine



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