Dr Vrinda Hari Ankolekar

Associate Professor

Department of Anatomy


    Dr Vrinda Hari Ankolekar is Assistant Professor in Anatomy Department. 


    • Encourages group learning and discussion and is involved in video demonstration of upper limb, lower limb and CNS for MBBS students.
    • Sets question papers, invigilates theory examinations and conducts practical examinations.
    • Helps postgraduate students in their thesis as co-guide. She is co-guide for two MD students.
    • Does research in the field of various fields of Anatomy. She updates her knowledge by attending CMEs, workshops and conferences at national and international levels.
    • Is a certified BLS provider and involved in the training undergraduate students in basic life support.
    • Is a teacher guardian to undergraduate students and gives her best to help them outside the classrooms


Subject Subject code Semester
Anatomy MBBS 1st and 2nd semester
Anatomy MD First year, MBBS


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MD Anatomy Narayana Medical College, Nellore 2012
MBBS Karnataka Medical College, Hubli 1997


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC, Manipal Assistant Professor 26/08/2011 till date
NMC, Nellore Tutor 29/04/2008 to 28/04/2011

Bilateral accessory renal arteries with a rare origin of testicular artery: An embryological basis


High bifurcation of brachial artery and superficial course of ulnar artery



Area of Interest

Clinical anatomy, Embryology and Neuroanatomy

Area of Expertise

Clinical anatomy, Embryology and Neuroanatomy

Area of Research

Clinical anatomy, Embryology and Neuroanatomy

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life member of Andhra Pradesh Chapter of Anatomists 2008.
  • Trainer in Basic Life Support certified by AHA in March 2013. 
  • Certificate of appreciation for obtaining more than 24 research points in the year 2013.

Anatomical and histological aspects of development of ureter: A fetal cadaveric study

2015-01-01 Ankolekar VH Bangera H Hosapatna M Das A Padmashali S D'Souza AS D'Souza A

Indian Journal of Medical Research and Pharmaceutical Sciences, January 2015; 2(1)

Would effective lecturing Evoke a Student’s interest in learning anatomy?

2015-01-01 Hosapatna M D'Souza A Kotian S D'Souza AS Ankolekar VH

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, 2015; 2(1): 83-87

Microscopic Appearance of Human Spleen at Different Gestational Age Groups: A Fetal Histological Study

2015-01-01 D'Souza A Bangera H Das A Padmashali S D'Souza AS Hosapatna M Ankolekar VH

Cukurova Medical Journal, 2015;40(1):36-41

Developmental morphology of human fetal trachea

2014-01-01 Bangera H D'Souza A Hosapatna M D'Souza AS Ankolekar VH

Archives of Applied Science Research, 2014, 6 (4):256-262

Identification of cephalic vein in the deltopectoral groove and its surgical relevance

2014-01-11 Hosapatna M D'Souza A D'Souza AS Ankolekar VH

International Archives of Integrated Medicine, Vol.1, Issue. 3, November, 2014.

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The Study of Antilingula and Its Relation to the Lingula and Mandibular Foramen, the Presence of Mylohyoid Bridging in Dry Mandibles of South Indian Population.

2015-01-06 Hosapatna M Ankolekar VH D’Souza AS Deepika C D’Souza A

J. Maxillofac. Oral Surg. (Apr–June 2015) 14(2):308–311

Developmental stages in fetal lung at different gestational ages - a histological Study.

2015-01-01 Ankolekar V Bangera H Hosapatna M Supriya Das A Dsouza AS Dsouza A

Journal of Basic and Applied Research International. 7(1): 9-15, 2015

Posterior belly of the digastric muscle: An important landmark for various head and neck surgeries.

2015-01-01 Ankolekar VH Dsouza A Alva R Dsouza AS Hosapatna M

Arch Clin Exp Surg 2015;4:79-82

Morphometric and morphological variations of the ventral branches of abdominal aorta: an anatomic and radiological study

2012-01-01 Dr Rohini Alva

Vascular variations regarding the branching pattern of the abdominal aorta are important in different laparoscopic surgeries, oncologic resections, and various interventional radiological procedures in the abdominal region. Branches of abdominal aorta are described as ventral, lateral and dorsal. The ventral branches are coeliac trunk, superior and inferior mesenteric arteries which supply the gastro intestinal tract derived from the foregut, mid-gut, and the hindgut, respectively. The present work was undertaken on cadavers and patients visiting the radiology department to study the incidence of variations in the origin, course, branching pattern and termination of the ventral branches of aorta and also to study the length and calibre of these arteries.

Cyclophosphamide induced histological changes in testis and epididymis of Swiss albino mice

2013-01-01 Dr Supriya

Aim: To study the histological changes in the testis and epidermal tissue of adult and pre-pubertal Swiss albino mice treated with cyclophosphamide. Also to understand the Ley-dig cell function in them. Procedure: Cyclophosphamide injected intra-peritoneal in dose of 50, 100, 200 and 250mg/kg with volume of 0.1ml to 60 mice among which 30 are adult (6-8 weeks old) and 30 pre-pubertal (2 weeks old). The study is conducted in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and mice taken from Central Animal Research Facility, Manipal.