The Medical Simulation Centre at Manipal Academy of Higher Education is a new concept in the field of medical education.

A medical simulator, much like a flight simulator for airline pilots, evaluates the ability of a health care professional to handle real-life medical emergencies.

The Medical Simulation Centre uses training manikins to teach healthcare students the skills to manage real-life emergencies.

The centre has a range of more than 100 training manikins, from simple task trainers to the most complex, interactive, computer-based training units such as the SimMan™. These are used to train undergraduate and postgraduate students in the health sciences including medical, dental, nursing and allied health fields.

Not only students of all constituent colleges under the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, but others like police personnel, fire fighters, ambulance drivers and the general public are also trained here.


Pedagogy / Teaching methodology

The Medical Simulation Centre is the first of its kind in a private Indian university and its teaching methods are unique to medical simulation. Students with relevant theoretical background are given hands-on experience in controlled / clinical conditions, thus reinforcing classroom learning.



The Simulation Centre has various trainers to cater to professional services in a variety of fields. High-fidelity simulators such as the SimMan™ can be programmed to test the ability of a student to integrate assessment and diagnostic skills into decision making.

Other trainers are:

  • Basic Life Support trainer
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support trainer
  • Airway trainer (including bag-mask ventilation and endotracheal intubation)
  • Difficult airway trainer (for advanced learners)
  • Peripheral intravenous access (adults and neonates)
  • Central venous access (adults)
  • Direct arterial cannulation (adults and children)
  • Umbilical artery cannulation (neonates)
  • Spinal tap (neonates)
  • Normal labour and labour in special situations
  • Pelvic, breast, ear and eye examination
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Trauma scenarios
  • Advanced clinical scenarios (SimMan™).  
Contact: 0820 2923089/ 0820 2923090