Drug Development in Oncology:Focus on Small Molecules. 27th Nov. 2021

Transcare campus connect: KMC, Manipal

 Half Day CME on Forensic Nursing. 22nd Nov. 2021

Interventional Radiology Webinars, 13.11.2021

World Diabetes Day_Cyclothon_Invite

Children's day & Book release program Invitation

Webinar and Workshop - Role of Nutritional Management. 

Read more  Program link:   http://bit.ly/2ZYPhi1

History of Medicine Club Event. 24th November 2021 at 5.15 pm. Venue: Interact

MCCCC 3rd Anniversary Celebration

International Conference on "Combating Antimicrobial Resistance”  on the occasion of "World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021 " from November 18 to November 24. 

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Conference Registration Link: http://bit.ly/2ZoXb3N

Quiz Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2YXpvdU

Conference Joining Link:  http://bit.ly/3EkNlPH

Webinar-Role of DNA fingerprinting in Forensics

Health System Strengthening.  29 October 2021

Webinar on Medicolegal aspects of Medical Records

Forensic DNA Analysis 

History of Medicine Club Inauguration

Opening Ceremony of oncore'21

KMC Manipal:Indo-German Metabolic Meet (IGMM) 2021 on 25th September

Pharmacovigilance week brochure

Festival of Ideas from 16th-19th September 2021 

IGCLA 2021 – September 24th to 26th 2021