Team Manipal Racing Electric E-BAJA 2023 competition Results

April 27, 2023

We are pleased to inform you that Team Manipal Racing -Electric student project team has returned from the most prominent national level competition for ATV racing E-BAJA SAEINDIA in the electric category held at Chithkara University, Baddi, Chandigarh from April 5th to 9th ,2023.

After a proud showing at the competition amongst 70+ teams from all over India, we are pleased to announce the following results: 

Overall Results:

AIR 7 Overall Amongst 75 teams 
3rd Validation
4th Design Finals
5th CAE Finals
8th Cost Finals
4th Suspension and Traction
8th Maneuverability

8th Endurance Race (18 Laps Completed)

All of the above scores are from a total of 75 participating teams.

  This was the first time that EVs were put to an endurance test without any water puddles or cooling periods to aid in battery and motor thermal management unlike the last year. The endurance race was very challenging, with part of the track in a dry riverbed where most cars couldn't survive. Less than 25% of cars finished the race, and many other dynamic events were very harsh and pushed the car to its limits.

We are proud to inform you that our car E47 completed the endurance race and saw the chequered flag but due to the organiser's decisions, the race was cut down to 3hrs from the usual 4hrs which reduced our running time and position. Battery swapping was also performed within 4 mins compared to 26 mins of last year which was a major improvement from last year.

We were also one of only 4 teams to attempt all dynamic events as we were able to pass Technical Inspection by Day 2 of the competition and had 2 days to attempt all dynamic events.

Our car completed the sled pull event, where it was made to pull a 2.1-ton tractor. The car is 180 kgs means it could pull a tractor more than 11 times its weight and was also one of only 7 cars out of 75 to clear the Suspension and Traction event, which consisted of 3-foot-tall rocks and a 6-foot drop. We set the 4th fastest time in this event of 02:14:950 seconds.

Our car also gained much popularity amongst the event organizers as it took part in the Design finals, CAE Finals, and Cost Finals alongside all the other dynamic events. We were one of the few teams to have these many final events to participate in, where we could showcase our car in front of leading industry experts from various fields and receive valuable feedback, which we will apply in the upcoming season.