Alumni Activity Report Dr. Ayas,

October 25, 2018

Alumni Activity Report


Dr. Muhammed K P Ayas, who did graduation (2002-07) and post-graduation (2007-2009) visited Department of Speech and Hearing on 10th September, 2018. He worked as Assistant Professor at Dept. of Speech and Hearing for three years and also completed his Ph.D as an in-service candidate (2011-2015). He is currently working as ‘Clinical Audiologist and Assistant Professor’ at ‘University Hospital Sharjah’, Sharjah, UAE. A lecture (2.00 pm- 3.00 pm) for 1st M.Sc (Audiology) students (13 in number) was organized at LH-5 classroom by Dept. of Speech & Hearing, SOAHS. He shared information on Interpretation of Vestibular Tests. His input on aspects of vestibular disorders was beneficial to students.

Ms. Sheela S, Alumni coordinator and Dr. Krishna Y, HOD, facilitated this alumni activity and expressed appreciation to Dr. Muhammed K P Ayas for sharing his clinical experiences with the current first year postgraduate-audiology students. He was felicitated at the office of Alumni Relations by Dr. Prassanna Kailaje, Director, Alumni Relations, Industry Liaison & Placements at MAHE.