Adjunct Faculty _Guest lecture by Dr. Janice M. Conway-Klaassen on NAACLS

November 30, 2021

A guest lecture was organized by Department of MLT, MCHP, MAHE for our faculty to understand the basics of “NAACLS accreditation process for MLS Profession by Dr. Janice M. Conway-Klaassen. The guest speaker was heartily welcomed by Head of the department, MLT, Dr. Saritha Kamath U.
Dr. Janice M. Conway-Klaassen, holds a doctoral degree and Professor and Director, Medical Laboratory Sciences Program, Mildred King Rohwer Chair in Medical Technology, University of Minnesota. She is also an adjunct faculty of Department of MLT, MCHP, MAHE.
She had an experience working with more than 15 SSR for various institutes. With all her expertise in working with NAACLS, she detailed about the topic and gave an outline to the faculty on accreditation. She also highlighted the needs of having accreditation for a professional course.