Awareness program on school ergonomics: ‘smart posture, smart child’

October 25, 2019

To celebrate World Occupational Therapy  Day, Department of Occupational Therapy, SOAHS, Manipal, conducted an awareness program at Mukunda Kripa English Medium Nursery and Higher Primary school, Udupi on ergonomics named ‘SMART POSTURE, SMART CHILD’ on 25th October 2019. The main purpose of this program was to create awareness among students and teachers regarding un-ergonomic factors and their nagetive consequences in all aspects of children’s lives.the program also explained strategies  to apply simple ergonomics principles or techniques in their educational context to maintain the correct posture and prevent the long-term musculoskeletal complications.  100 students from 3rd and 4th standards students and five teachers, were participated actively in this program. The awareness program was provided by the 1st semester, 3rd semester and 4th year OT project students and was delivered through role play, presentation and demonstration.