Kerala State Electricity Board Basketball Team Sports Medicine/Sports Science Consultation July 7th - 9th 2017

Kerala State Electricity Board Basketball Team visited our facility at Manipal Academy of Higher Education for consultation. We performed a wide range of biomechanical, performance and physiological tests based on which the athletes were prescribed periodization schedule for 6 months for both performance enhancement and injury prevention.

July 18, 2017

An athlete performing maximal testing on a Fitmate pro ergometer. This provides information about the athlete’s maximal efficiency in performing sporting activity. The athlete can be trained to improve their functional capacity from the test results.

After performing a 1 Repetition Maximum test, a gold standard test which tells the maximum weight an athlete can lift with one repetition to determine the muscle strength, the athletes received instructions

Lower extremity joint movement analysis of an athlete during drop landing and jump of Kerala State Electricity Board Basketball player. The test can help correct faulty landing techniques of the athletes and underlying physiological factors and train accordingly.