"Save a Tooth"-DAAN UTSAV 2018

October 04, 2018



“Save A Tooth”

Manipal College of Dental Sciences  in hand with the Indian Dental Association &Volunteer Services Organization, organised a Dental Camp,on 3rd October 2018, targeted at raising awareness on avulsion and teeth reimplantation at the Madhava Kripa English Nursery and Higher Primary School.

Our aim was to spread awareness among both the teaching and non-teaching staff about ‘Avulsion’,a complete displacement of a tooth from its socket in alveolar bone owing to trauma and the possible remedies that could be undertaken to avert the same.

The project started off with a well-organised and an immensely entertaining street play,involving a team of interns and final years, that shadowed a typical scenario at school. Through it, was communicated how the displaced tooth should not be thrown away, rather can be reimplanted in the sockets.

In order to shed more light in this regard, students of 3rd and 4th year BDS, in accordance with models and typhodonts, briefly explained to the staff in groups, our agenda. Pamphlets and posters,emphasising on the importance of maintaining vitality of displaced tooth, were handed out to groups.

They provided a detailed description to the readers on the issue and were accompanied with pictures and instructions.The staff’s doubts were cleared and it was made sure that everyone understood the take-home-message.

The interns did a dental screening of the staff members, with utmost perseverance.The ones that required immediate scaling and restorations, were directed to the mobile dental van.

With the unfaltering support of The Indian Dental Association(IDA),dental hygiene aids were distributed.Posters prepared by 2nd year students now adorn the walls of the school corridor, serving as a source of knowledge to the ones passing by.

All in all, the event, that was led by our hardworking professors and a student group of 40, was a massive success that received positive reviews from the attendees.