Meet the Experts - Seminar Series

October 15, 2016

MEET THE EXPERTS... Seminar series


Hosted by Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

The only way a dentist can keep pace with the technological advances and novel scientific inventions in the dental industry is through updating the knowledge through various continuing professional development programs. One way for improving the standard of academics, is to bring back the alumni to guide the students. Through this two way communication the students will benefit immeasurably from the wisdom and experience of alumni who have become successful professionals.

‘Meet the Experts’ is a seminar series consisting of six lectures over six consecutive months. They will be delivered by the MDS alumni of   Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics and one BDS alumnus of MCODS Manipal for the benefit of undergraduate and post graduate students.

The series began with the formal Inaugural program on 15th October 2016 by the Dean of MCODS, Manipal, Dr. Nirmala.N Rao.

“Scientific Writing” Nurture thoughts, Venture possibilities- By Dr. N Vasudev Ballal


Dr. N Vasudev Ballal, presently the Professor in Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, MCODS, Manipal is also an alumnus of the same. He is an eminent researcher with various International and National research Collaborations ,Scientific publications and editorial board member of several reputed journals.

He has made a great impact on the minds of young researchers by enlightening them on designing, writing & publishing research projects. The lecture included tips on identification of reputed journals, description on each aspect of a manuscript, style of writing, common errors made in a manuscript etc. He also addressed on the ethical issues in publication and legal aspects involved with the same.  This lecture was attended by around 150 delegates from MCODS, Manipal, MCOPS Manipal and various other dental colleges