“Oral health for overall health”- Oral Hygiene Day-2016

August 01, 2016


Oral hygiene day celebration

“Oral health for overall health”

Oral hygiene is inseparable from the overall hygiene and forms the most critical and neglected aspect of all the hygiene practices Therefore it’s our duty that we as dentists make constant efforts to spread the awareness and knowledge about the importance of oral hygiene amongst all sections of the society. In this regards the department of Periodontology had organized oral hygiene day to educate and motivate the patientsregarding the importance of this day.

The Department of Periodontology had organized the following programs:

1.   Talk on Medical Profession: welfare not warfare was arranged by Dr Ashok Shetty.

2.   A  free dental checkup for all our teaching and non-teaching faculty, housekeeping staff, undergraduates and post graduate students.

3.   A free dental checkup and treatment for all the patients was arranged for one week by the Department of the Periodontology

4.   There were also posters model and video demonstrations for various plaque control measures by the postgraduate’s students


Talk on Medical Profession: welfare not warfare

The celebration of the oral hygiene day is in the memory of Dr. G.V Shankwalkar (Doyen of Periodontology and Founder of Indian Society of Periodontology) .To embark the celebration of the oral hygiene day, a talk was organized in the student common room. The  Resource person (Dr. Ashok Shetty - Consultant dermatologist and Deputy Director Bhakti Vedantha hospital and research institute, Bangalore) gave us insight on the importance of the ethical practice and role of spirituality in well-being of our health care fraternity. 

Followed by the talk, a free dental screening and treatment for all the patients were undertaken at the Department of Periodontology. The postgraduate students also explained the oral hygiene practice by model, poster and video demonstration to the students. Following hand and printed poster were put up to educate the patients regarding the importance of the oral hygiene in maintain the overall health of the body. Poster on oral health were also displayed on the OPD of the Kasturba Medical Hospital for patient education and motivation.