September 19, 2020

On 1st September, MAHESRF conducted the  Season 1 , Episode 2 of the series called WEBISODES. It was  a webinar titled-“Insights into Clinical Research” by Dr.Sorabh Kapoor . It was open to students from all the years. With the support of the Dean, Associate Deans, Head of the departments , Staff members  and Staff mentors- it was conducted successfully on Microsoft Teams. The event started at 12:15 pm and was attended by approximately 170 participants. Having an experience of more than 19 years in the field of Healthcare which includes an experience of more than 14 years in Clinical research operations, Sir is working as a Senior Startup Critical Path Manager in Ireland. Currently sir is working on the multiple Covid Clinical trials. Sir very systematically and patiently explained the flowchart of the various steps involved in the Research trial and how a drug is released in the market. Each and every step was elaborated and very well explained to ensure that the participants understand it very well. Sir even highlighted about the process to conduct trials during pandemic situations to meet the emergency demands. This was followed by the Q&A session in which students were free to ask questions/doubts. Sir very patiently answered all the questions and made sure that none of the participants had any query unanswered. The welcome address was given by Debolina Bishayi, Joint Secretary -MAHESRF  and the event was moderated by  Dr Aakash Jain-Secretary , MAHESRF. The event got over by 2:00 pm and the participants were satisfied and had positive reviews for the event.