About the Department

The Department of Emergency Medicine (EM) was initiated in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal on January 1st, 2017. We have grown in strength since then, adding many feathers to our cap. Currently, there are 8 Emergency Physicians covering the Emergency Department round the clock. The EM faculty are active in their academic and research role. They also participate in building Emergency Medicine nationally and contribute to policy making in the country. The faculty also work as domain leaders of multiple facets of Emergency Medicine academics and administration aiming a comprehensive growth to achieve targets.


The Postgraduate Residency program started in 2019 with 3 seats in MD Emergency Medicine. The postgraduates are trained in a conducive environment with optimal case load, topped up by case presentations, bed side teaching, care plan formulation, in situ simulation and debriefing, role plays, clinical care audit, research update sessions and daily board rounds keeping in mind that they are not only consultants in making but also future academicians, researchers and policy makers. The medical students and Interns are rotated along with the postgraduates from various specialty and are taken through the training of managing acutely ill cases. Tempus Pretioso is the Emergency Medicine student enthusiast club of established from 2017, led by the undergraduate medical students of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and are involved in unique activities for students under the supervision of Emergency Medicine Faculty.


The Department worked towards establishing the BSc Emergency Medical Technician Course under Manipal College of Health Professionals in the year 2019. We offer a unique nurturing environment for the students to grow and achieve their potential. We are also working with Manipal College of Nursing in Emergency Nursing academics for establishing Emergency Nursing Programs.


The Department was accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals in EMERALD Module in the year 2019 and became first Academic Emergency Medicine Department in the region achieving this. This has streamlined the care delivery and we follow updated evidence-based emergency medicine protocols customized for Indian patient population. Currently, the Department has taken up newer projects including “Pain Less and Paperless Emergency Medicine”. 



Department has initiated three centers which include Centre of Wilderness Medicine, Centre for Disaster Management and Centre for Emergency Toxicology. We have also outreached to the newly establishing Emergency Medicine Departments in the region and help the faculty and students with academics, policy making and providing administrative know-how.  We also involve in community and remote outreach programs in training life support skills, first aid training and One Health Activities which include wilderness and conservation medicine.  



Adjunct Faculty



Current Position

Dr. Bonnie Arquilla DO

Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director of Emergency Preparedness, SUNY University Hospital Brooklyn, New York Institute All Hazard Preparedness, 440 Lenox Road 2M, Brooklyn, New York 11206

Dr Sagar Galwankar


Associate Professor, Director of Research in Emergency Medicine

Dept. of Emergency Medicine,

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Florida State University

Dr. Manish Garg


Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Temple University Hospital,

3401 North Broad Street,

Philadelphia, PA 19140

Dr. Viveta Lobo


Assistant Clinical Professor

Dept. of Emergency Medicine,

Stanford School of Medicine

900 Welch Rd, Suite 350, Palo Alto,

CA 94304, USA

Dr. Vijaya Arun Kumar


Associate Professor

Department of Emergency Medicine,

Wayne State University, UHC Suite 6 F,

4201 St. Antonie, Detroit, MI 48201

Dr. Mabel Vasnaik


Consultant in Accident & Emergency, Manipal Hospital Bangalore, Rustom Bagh, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore - 560 017.



Services Offered

We believe that delivering optimal care on time is essential to have a good outcome for the patient. Hence, the Emergency Department is staffed round the clock with an emergency physician and resident along with EM nurses.

Any patient presenting to the department is seen at the Triage desk by a nurse who has received special training in Triaging. After assessing the patients’ complaints and vital signs, the patient is triaged by the Five level Emergency Severity Index in to any one of five triage categories. There are five state of art customized resuscitation Cubicle “ResCue” for immediate stabilization in the Resuscitation area (Blue Area) which receives patients with immediate threat to life (Priority 1) or cannot wait for Care (Priority 2). The Emergency Medicine Department Critical Care (Red Area) is a fully equipped ICU like facility with Ventilators, advanced monitoring and Emergency Renal Replacement therapy where patients who require continued stabilization are admitted. Patients who are less acute but with multiple resource requirements are managed in the Yellow area (Priority 3). Patients who are requiring single or no resource are treated in the Green Area (Priority 4 and 5).

We also have an array of point of care investigations at its disposal, including a point of care ultrasound machine, STAT lab facility providing arterial blood gas analysis, cardiac markers, Hematology, renal function tests and urinalysis with excellent turnaround times. Having the X-ray room and CT/ MRI room adjacently ensures imaging early, which leads to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Department involves relevant specialties and subspecialties to make care teams in relevant cases to enable an outcome-oriented care than a goal directed approach in care.



  • State-of-the-art Emergency Medicine Department dealing with all kinds of emergencies including polytrauma
  • 24 x 7 early intensive care and stabilization of EDCRIT patients 
  • Best infrastructure and experienced faculty profile 
  • In situ simulation center and international collaboration 
  • Robust training program with a vision to create a new generation of leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine 
  • An Emotionally-Safe Learning Space with good student-Faculty rapport with assigned Mentorship
  • Emphasis on patient safety, ethical approach, and communication in patient care
  • Orientation to and promotion of research activities 
  • Medicolegal and Palliative Care facilities




Sl No. Article Journal Authors
1 Door to balloon time in patients presenting with acute ST elevation myocardial infarction and time factors influencing it; an observational study from a tertiary care teaching hospital in India  Indian Heart Journal Vimal Krishnan S, Manoj Ravi, Siju V. Abraham, Babu Urumese Palatty, Jayaraj Mymbilly Balakrishnan
2 Assessment of the Preparedness and Planning of Academic Emergency Departments in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic-A Multicentric Survey.  Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 2021 Mar 10:1-3. Gopinathan V, Asanar S, Krishnan SV, Sirur FM, Balakrishnan JM
3 Study of pre-hospital care of out of hospital cardiac arrest victims and their outcome in a tertiary care hospital in India Indian Heart Journal Rachana Bhat Prithvishree Ravindra Ankit Kumar Sahu Roshan Mathew William Wilson
4 A diagnostic RCT to study the impact of diagnostic tests in patients with acute febrile illness when compared to conventional diagnostics Journal of infection Nitin Gupta, Sowmya Joylin, Prithvishree Ravindra, William Wilson, Rachana Bhat, Vasudev Guddattu, Andreas Neumayr , Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay , Kavita Saravu     
5 Predictors of Mortality in Paraquat Poisoning: A Two-Year Retrospective Analysis from a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in South India Indian journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology William Wilson·         Rachana Bhat·         Bharath Angadi·         Nymisha Lekha·         Bhavya Balaji         Jayaraj Mymbilly Balakrishnan
6 Design, usage and review of a cost effective and innovative face shield in a tertiary care teaching hospital during COVID-19 pandemic Journal of Orthopaedics Satyam Chaturvedi, Amartya Gupta, Vimal Krishnan S, Anil K. Bhat



1.   One of the Emergency Medicine Departments in medical college to achieve EMERALD certification awarded by NABH

2.   NMC permitted MD Emergency Medicine postgraduate training

3.   Establishment of Centre for Wilderness Medicine, Centre for Disaster Management, Centre for Emergency Toxicology

4.   Mentoring Emergency Medicine student enthusiast club Tempus Pretioso

5.   Organized various workshops for community training including World Heart Day 2018, ambulance driver training, community first aid training, World trauma day

6.   Academic workshops including SIMIANS 2018, SEPSIS WEEK 2021, Yearly disaster workshops

7.   Actively involved in providing medical care and training volunteers for Manipal Marathon

8.   Simulation based innovation of MIST protocol for managing airway with adequate PPE for COVID patients during the pandemic


Outreach and Community Activities

Connecting with the community and actively involved in first aid training with activities such as snake bite education. Our department conducts basic life support and first aid classes for students in school and colleges whenever approached. We have also conducted snake bite mitigation programs in various areas such as Hunsur, Gundalpet. During the floods in Kerala, a team of emergency physicians from the department were deployed to provide their services. Faculty is also involved in community activities such as plugging at Padukere beach clean up





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Phone number  : +91 820 292 2761