The department of Surgical oncology (Cancer surgery) is located in the Shirdi Sai Baba Cancer Centre and Research block and is a part of Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre (MCCCC).


Core competencies:

-Thoracoscopic (VATS) surgery – Esophageal     cancer, Lung and Mediastinal tumors

-Laparoscopic surgery- Stomach, Pancreas, Colorectal, Gynecological and Urological cancers

-Inter-sphincteric resection (ISR) – Sphincter preserving surgery for low rectal cancer

-Cytoreductive surgery + Hyper-thermic Intra Peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) for Peritoneal surface malignancies, Stomach, Colorectal cancer, Ovarian cancer.

-Pelvic Exenterative surgery – Colorectal, Gynec and Urological cancers

-Limb saving surgery for bone tumor and soft tissue cancers

Key features:

  • It deals with management of all solid tumours
  • Comprehensive approach towards patient’s treatment and rehabilitation
  • It is the only Surgical Oncology department for treatment of cancers in Udupi District.


The Department of Surgical Oncology offers the following program :

    1.Fellowship in ‘Onco-surgery’

    2.Observership in Surgical Oncology



Individual departments under KMC are supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure for research and clinical experience.

•       Fully Equipped Major and Minor Operation Theatres

•       Dedicated Post-operative care unit and wards

•       Day care surgery

•       Modern laparoscopic unit with 4K Olympus complete Laparoscopic set and Karl Storz laparoscopic instruments

•       Thompson retractor system

•       Yellofins Lithotomy Stirrups with Lift-Assist.

  • Office diagnostic systems like Olympus Flexible Nasopharyngo-laryngo-Bronchoscope, Karl Storz Flexible and Rigid Laryngoscope and provision for biopsies



The Department of Neurology has EEG/ENMG Labs.


Libraries have excellent resources for reference and study


Teaching in hospitals give students hands-on learning

Research & Publications

The areas of research include: Evaluation of histogenesis of various organ systems using fetal tissues. Estimation of subcutaneous fat and fibre distribution and types in the abdominal region and its clinical implications. Effect of DHA and Colin on stress induced behaviour and histological changes in the CNS. • Preventive and protective role of cissus quadrangular is extract on diabetes induced osteopenia and bone loss in osteoporosis- a cellular and molecular evaluation. Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in curative and prophylactic role of Ceasalpenia Bonduc extracts on Liver toxicity. Use of lead as nanoparticle in traditional medicine - multi-organ approach to evaluate the functional, cellular and molecular alterations. Role of traditional medicinal preparations in wound healing - structural, biomechanical, molecular evaluations use normal and diabetic wound models.